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Turn your Failures into Opportunities – How?

16 Mar

The toughest word for a salesperson to hear is “No”.

From coffee-chugging closers to Wolves of Wall Street, sales is a dangerous game. Many salespeople that I have met have expressed that the fear of rejection sometimes is greater than rejection in actual life. Sometimes salesperson is afraid to lose their jobs, and it highly affected in their personal life. Learning how to handle sales rejection is a must-have for any salesperson. It is not for the gloomy, but it is needed for the success of a business.

1. Don't take rejection seriously – Accept it!

Not everyone wants or needs your service or product. That’s why many will say no. But, that’s not a problem to accept that no. You should have focused on all of those who will say yes!" Always remember rejection is part of the game, and accept it. Never be surprised by rejections. It’s not something to fend off, but understand its actuality and handle it appropriately.

2. Perspective Shifting –

“You are having trouble seeing the path forward, maybe you just need to change your perspective.” Andrew Nisbet

Shifting perspective in your business, open up new possibilities to target new perspectives.
Sometimes learn to say next allowing you to move on the next big deal. Take every “No”
as a turn to the next opportunity. Many times the path or direction you are taking is not the correct one to get the particular client. Or maybe there is another and better way to get things that you have not yet executed. Getting a single no can sometimes provide you a positive experience if you are willing to take another way to try a new thing. Consider every moment as an opportunity.

3. Clients aren't rejecting you -

Your potential targets are not saying no to you. The only thing being rejected is your pitch. All the rejection means is that something about your proposal that needed some adjustments or a different pitch. Take the rejection as feedback and go back to your proposal to redesign it. These process always lead to improving your pitch. Rejection is only a complete waste of time if you can’t get something out of it because in every deal you’re learning something about yourself, about your clients, or about the business. But, every rejection comes with some learning, some new deals. Sometimes you got a reply with these lines “We don’t have the budget for this” actually that means just they are going or not having the fund. So, you can reach them out after sometimes. And, sometimes client reply consists of “we already have a solution,” consider asking them which solution and figure out if their contracts are up soon. Keep these types of clients for the future or set yourself a reminder to revitalize the conversation for the future. In the meantime, stay connected with them. Always Explore each rejection in detail to identify what went wrong. Sometimes, rejection is completely related to the client’s side. Sometimes your opponent win. And, sometimes your services are not a perfect match for what your prospect wants. You can improve your pitches by reading your own failure story.

4. Don’t take Sales Rejection personally -

Don’t take any sales rejection personally because they reject your product or services not you. People always complain about the rejection they handle in sales very much affect their personal life. But, that’s so wrong it has nothing to do with your personal things. Don’t get emotional when you lose a sales deal.

5. Keep in Touch –

Sometimes for a small deal, you put your more than six months and not get success to provide you a very big deal in the future. So don’t lose hope to stay in touch with your potential targets. Don't delete the potential targets from your list of contacts. Keep them safe! And, at the same time stay connected with them on LinkedIn, Twitter, possibly Facebook, and even face-to-face events. Continue showing definitively your company values to the prospect by posting suitable content about your company or showing up at industry events. Do everything until the client say “Yes”.

6. Do a right kick to seal a sales deal:

Closing is the most crucial moment in sales. Firstly, do research on your prospect and understand what exactly they want even if they already told you. Show them how your services serve them in an effective way and always be honest with your prospect. Every company has its own needs and wants! So, you can make a list of their requirements and needs before having the actual conversations. The best way to sell your services or products is to actually listen more and have a purposefully talk with your prospect. You should be aware of your prospect’s recruiting pattern before they own aware about it, catch them right at the beginning. Basically, if any organization is hiring candidates for their sales team they might be in the market for a CRM solution, or if they’re expanding their marketing team then they might be open to your advertisement services. If you catch up the recruiting pattern in the starting of the deal, then this deal became one of the most important deals for you.

You can use the following tricks to increase your sales –

  • If you want to partner with any organization, then start doing research about their advertising and marketing. And, if they are doing advertising about any event participate in that because having face to face meetings are more effective than having telephonic meetings.
  • If any company already launched their new product or make some improvements to their existing product and you’re probably too late to provide your services and don’t take tension. You can provide them your customer support solutions or digital marketing services. You might be lucky because the company wants to get more products or any other services.
  • If a company is recently funded, then they might want their only employees they don’t want to provide their work to any freelancer or not ready for any contractor so better push them to buy your services or products you can pitch them for providing hiring services.

7. Convert your “No” Into A “Yes” –

According to research, 80% prospects say no four times before they say yes. So you should have a thick skin in this business. You are going to lose more times than you’re going to win, but if you stay focus on the right perspective and do the right things to stay on your client’s mind, you’ll be in the money in no time. Disappointments always offer new ways to look at things. If you want to become a successful salesperson you should be a multitasker. Because sometimes when you focus on only one customer or one goal, you can become locked into rigid thinking. And, we always know that rigid plans downfall first. Rejection gives you the new way to look over other goals it improves your strategies and implementation. Have a fresh way to start the same goal with new eyes. Always send a short questionnaire or always ask for feedback to customers after making a successful deal to identify your good points. You can also share this feedback to prospects who rejected your pitch too as having a reference is also good. What’s the worse that could happen? They simply ignore your proposal.

Hope the article help you achieve your upcoming targets by following some simple pointers explained above, good luck (y)

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