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10 Steps to Write an Effective Ecommerce Product Description

30 Mar

It is crazy to believe that, in the majority of cases for e-commerce stores and internet stores, the merchandise descriptions you write are the sole form of communication you'll have with your customers and is, more often than not, the make or break feature which can generate your earnings.

Most entrepreneurs think that a product description is simply a list of attributes and a tiny description which explains the solution and the item will sell itself. That is evident simply by looking for a e-commerce store of your choice.

But by taking back control of the product descriptions, you can write them in such a way that will alter the way your customers view your goods, making them far more likely to buy them. Here is how you can write attractive and enticing product descriptions in just 10 easy steps.

E-commerce Product Descriptions Tip #1: Focus on Your Target Market

It's easy to fall into the trap of attempting to compose a neutral and comprehensive product description, so customers from all over the world and from any market will probably be considering purchasing your goods. But descriptions like this are only going to encounter as standard and may seriously damage your bottom line.

For an e-commerce company, you should know your ideal target market and the kind of people who want to know more about your goods, so rewrite and create them for this particular market, as opposed to attempting to market to everybody. To hone in on who your target market is so it's possible to write your product descriptions specifically for them, have a look at this E-commerce Business Branding Guide.

E-commerce Product Descriptions Tip #2: Benefits Over Features

When composing your descriptions, you could be overwhelmed with the number of characteristics your goods have, so much so you wish to list them all out to share this vital information with your potential clients.

However, if your clients can't observe the advantages of those attributes in their everyday lives, they will not be interested in buying your products. List out the advantages of your characteristics, instead of a set of specs to see an instantaneous improvement in sales. Do not neglect to check to make sure your description is communicating the right message when writing. You are able to check out an editing application like AcademAdvisor.

E-commerce Product Descriptions Tip #3: Avoid Being Generic

Sometimes, writing product descriptions is hard work, particularly when you're attempting to compose 10-50 of these, or even more. It's easy to run out of things to say while trying to create your products seem different however exciting.

It's when this happens you may readily turn into stock phrases like "Excellent product quality!" Or other bland phrases. These generic phrases are just going to put your clients off buying your products since this is something they'll read for a lot of products that they see in the industry.

If you are stuck for ideas, then it is best to depart generic phrases out entirely so maybe even go back to composing your product descriptions on a subsequent date once your mind is fresh. However, if you want your product descriptions ready immediately, you may use tools such as State of Composing to broaden your language and websites like ViaWriting to help you generate new product ideas and theories. As an alternative, you might even try a service such as iWriter to have another person to compose your product descriptions for you that you can after tweak.

E-commerce Product Descriptions Tip #4: Play on Your Reader's Imagination

It is common knowledge that holding a product in your hand dramatically increases your urge to want to get and own it. As an e-commerce store, your customers can not see and maintain your merchandise, yet, through writing it is possible to play in your own reader's imagination to give them the exact same sort of sense. When composing your merchandise descriptions, use language that appeals to the reader's senses. Describe what it is like to view, touch and use your product so customers can image it within their own life.

E-commerce Product Descriptions Tip #5: Story Time!

Among the biggest problems with the product, descriptions are that customers often know they're being marketed too which can direct them to take everything you need to say with a pinch of salt. Even so, this is a mindset you may break by including a story on your description which customers can participate with.

"These stories only have to be short but will typically speak about a customer case study (someone who has attracted your goods from the past) and the way they used the merchandise to change their lifestyle or add advantage to themselves. This aids the reader overlook their being marketed to and adds an emotional connection to your goods" -- Bret Vandenberg, E-commerce Marketer at Best British Essays.

E-commerce Product Descriptions Tip #6: Be Concise & Direct

Your prospective customer doesn't have all day to sit and read through product descriptions which are 1,000's of both words-long and information each of the ins and outs of your product (maybe they really do, but they are not likely to devote much time doing that!).

Aim to maintain your merchandise descriptions a few hundred words in the maximum to make certain that your reader doesn't get bored, and so that you may keep things compact and readily digestible to them. This can prove difficult, especially when you're trying to include customer stories and advantages and everything else we've discussed in this article.

Rather, try dividing your product pages down into sections. In the very first, you are able to have the true description, followed by a section for client testimonials and finally reviews, or whatever arrangement functions for you.

E-commerce Product Descriptions Tip #7: Accuracy is Essential

If you're reading through product descriptions and see they are filled with spelling mistakes, poor grammar, and other writing problems, it is safe to say you will seriously doubt the standing and trustworthiness of the e-commerce store that you're buying from.

After all, if a shop can't even compose superior merchandise descriptions, how do they offer an excellent product?

The same can be said for your store that's why it's crucial for you to go through and assess the quality of your merchandise descriptions as soon as it comes to proofreading and spell checking. You can make this procedure simpler and more accurate using a service like BoomEssays.

E-commerce Product Descriptions Tip #8: Implement Social Proof

If you head over to Amazon, you will see there's an enormous culture which runs on commodity testimonials from customers. That is because online shoppers trust the conclusion of other online shoppers (statistics state equally as much, or longer than they can do with their own friends).

This means including product reviews from your clients is a vital part of creating a sale without it, you are a lot more likely to drop sales, particularly if a competitor is offering this attribute. Check out this Shopify article on How Best to Find Customer Reviews for Your E-commerce Store.

E-commerce Product Descriptions Tip #9: How Match Your Branding

It's easy to become a habit of trying to write about your products in the very enjoyable and remarkable way possible so that your customers simply cannot resist purchasing what you're offering. This, however, might lead to the issue of your merchandise descriptions not matching the branding and character of the rest of your e-commerce store.

When you're writing, ensure your content aligns with the fashion of your company and uses the same tone of voice since the shop (like casual, formal, casual, humorous, etc.). Don't neglect to check your punctuation using tools such as Grammarly.

E-commerce Product Descriptions Tip #10: Don't Forget SEO

While writing these descriptions, especially with all of the things above in mind, it's important to not forget that your SEO practices, including researching appropriate keywords (do this with KWFinder), optimizing your product picture tags and properly formatting your articles for mobile and web browsers. Check out our article on SEO for E-commerce Stores here.


As you can see, that there are a whole lot of things you have to look at in regards composing product descriptions to make certain they captivate customers and create people all-important sales. Be as imaginative as possible, clinic when you can, and you'll make certain to see a radical improvement in the revenue of your e-commerce store when you improve your product descriptions.

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