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5 Must-Implement Cyber Security Strategies for 2019

17 Jan

In 2018, the Cyber safety problems were more acute than last year. The number of attacks and breaches rised along with the tools and processes for protecting these breaches.

According to a recent Statistics Canada report, the amount of police-reported cybercrimes in Alberta has increased by 185 percent between 2014 and 2017. This represents the greatest increase in Canada.

Here are a Few of the numbers for 2018:

  • Marriott Starwood Hotels booking system, private information of 500 million customers within four Decades.
  • CIBC’s Simplii and Bank of Montreal were hacked.
  • Bell Canada hackers obtained personal information of around 100, 000 customers
  • Numerous ransomware attacks also took place on the municiplities of Midland, Ontario, and many more.

More challenges require us to adopt many tactics.

  1. Have a Strategy: Know how you will recover from ransomware because we're all goals.
  2. Create a Security Partner: Make safety a central value. Building safety in at the beginning, leaders which are engaged, and holding teams accountable for compliance are a part of creating the culture.
  3. IT and Business Aligned: Make sure the team handling your IT security has options matched with the RTO (recovery time objective) and RPO (recovery point objective) which meet your business needs.
  4. Adopt MFA: Multi-factor authentication is required past over simply VPNs and privileged accounts.
  5. Utilize a Password Manager: This will guarantee unique passwords across platforms and guarantee company credentials are different from personal ones.

We have to keep working at it.

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