A Review of ICO: Pablo Escobar's brother has Established his Very Own cryptocurrency: Diet Bitcoin

A Review of ICO: Pablo Escobar's brother has Established his Very Own cryptocurrency: Diet Bitcoin

The blockchain distance is truly full of surprises. It appears that Roberto Escobar, the biological brother of infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar, has established his very own cryptocurrency: Diet Bitcoin (DDX).

A tough fork of the Bitcoin system, the new currency promises to offer a faster and lighter option to Bitcoin. Roberto's eponymous venture investment company, Escobar Inc, is now running the first coin supplying (ICO), where users can buy the token in a 96-percent discount down to $2 from $50.

A spokesperson for Escobar Inc has since exclusively confirmed Roberto's involvement in the job in an email to TNW.

The Diet Bitcoin website states the complete source of 1,000,000 DDX will be split into three different token earnings: 300,000 DDX is going to be offered at $50 (currently discounted to $ 300,000), yet another 300,000 will go for $100 a coin, and the remaining 400,000 will be priced at $1,000.

But this should not worry you too much, based on Escobar Inc COO Daniel Reitberg.

"Everybody should pay attention to this news, go to www.dietbitcoinICO.org and purchase as many's as you are able to afford," said Reitberg. "The worth will be quite large as we're identical in numbers to Bitcoin, except we're 4000 times more economical today." "We at Escobar Inc are committed to encouraging the cryptocurrency diet bitcoin entirely and are handling the daily operations of this new currency."

It is well worth noting that forking the Bitcoin system is nothing new: there is software that lets virtually anyone do so in a matter of a couple clicks. That means you may want to be really cautious if you are mulling over-investment in DDX.

Along with this new money, Escobar has also published a book -- branded Pablo Escobar's Diet Bitcoin -- which amounts up his motivation to start the coin. This rare piece of literature is available to buy from Amazon for $8, however, you can also receive a complimentary copy from the official Diet Bitcoin site here.

"The entire world is going to find this was made by them," the book reads. "And when they view it, it is too late, and now when CIA founds out the entire world knows about that, the CIA is going to sell all of their coins, and they will destroy the value of Bitcoin."

It was seen how successful Diet Bitcoin will be, however, Roberto seems optimistic about its potential. In actuality, the businessman claims that many cryptocurrencies now available are fraudulent, and guarantees that his DDX are there when others fall.

"You are able to stick to your worthless coins," Escobar says in the book. "Maintain the Ethereum, Maintain the TRON, maintain the Ripple, maintain the Bitcoin. You will discover what happens. But maybe not my coin. Because my scam, this is going to be my new work in existence."