Check Out the Best Platforms for Mobile App Development in 2019

03 Jan

Thinking about developing a mobile application to boost your business in 2019? There are two utmost important steps that lie ahead of you. The first step is choosing the right mobile application development company that offers high-quality custom app development services to match your mobile app requirements. And the second step is choosing the right mobile application development platform that will serve as the best fit for your application development. Let’s talk in more detail about the second step here, which is about picking a platform to begin your mobile app development with. There are many choices available when we look at mobile application development platforms. Here is a brief overview on the best of these platforms:


This mobile application development framework allows to build cross-platform applications that excel in performance. In this platform, mobile apps can be built with the help of technologies like CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript. It’s no wonder why offshore IT services often suggest PhoneGap to businesses, if the businesses are looking for hybrid mobile applications. The brilliance of this framework shows in the way that the framework ensures quality and robust applications for the business, and at the same time also ensures a smooth working process for the mobile app developers where they don’t have to fret about hardware constraints.

If you opt for custom app development services, then you can integrate various functionalities into the application as per your need, via plugins. Also, PhoneGap framework can be leveraged by the mobile application development company to develop applications not just for the most popular iOS and Android platforms, but also for other common platforms like Blackberry, Firefox OS, Windows, etc. The versatility offered by PhoneGap platform is truly astonishing.


Xamarin is another framework that supports cross-platform application development. The framework makes use of C# codebase for application development. One of the most notable advantages of Xamarin is that it supports code sharing across different platforms, which can help save a lot of time and cost in application development work. From technical as well as business perspective, this saving of time and costs is extremely useful. What’s more with Xamarin is that it enables building of applications that contain minimal bugs and errors.


Let’s shift our focus to Ionic, that has made a solid reputation for itself among the best and most popular mobile app development frameworks. Being an open-source framework, Ionic is available to use for free. This point alone gives the framework major brownie points. Web developers can work on this amazing framework to develop hybrid cross-platform applications for a wide range of modern mobile devices. Because it supports building of applications that can work efficiently on the trending mobile devices in the market, choosing this framework makes sense if you want to cover a wide audience base with your mobile application. Ionic can also be used for developing progressive web applications.

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Launched not a long time ago by Google as open-source project, Flutter is a cross-platform mobile app development framework that has been generating a lot of interest. This mobile UI framework, that’s based on Dart programming language, can be used to build iOS and Android applications that offer excellent native experiences.

If you want a hybrid mobile application for your business, you can definitely give Flutter a go, since there are plenty of great things about this framework. Developers can use Skia 2D graphics rendering engine for incorporating beautiful visuals into the mobile app. The framework also makes it easy to test the mobile application. The association of the huge brand name that Google is, with Flutter, only goes on to further bolster the credibility of the framework.

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React Native

Backed by Facebook, React Native is a highly preferred cross-platform mobile application development framework. It has been readily adapted by some of the top companies around the world. The application performance achievable with React Native is very close to that of native. The framework is a good choice if you want a fast and cost-friendly application development process while also enjoying the benefits of great application performance. React Native framework makes this possible by facilitating code reusing across iOS and Android platforms.


The mobile app development frameworks discussed above are among the best in the industry, and you only want the best for your mobile application. You’ll want to keep a couple of key factors in mind while making the final selection. Performance, usability, security, development costs and time, and robustness are all important factors that need consideration when it comes to mobile application development, you shouldn’t compromise with any of these.

The platform you choose should be able to meet the expectations that you’ve set for all these factors, so that your business as well as the end-users benefit from the final mobile application developed. Discuss with your offshore IT services provider about which of these platforms is the best fit for your expectations and get started with building your business mobile application right away!

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