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Fixing The Old Template Files Of WooCommerce

WooCommerce is an extensively used WordPress plugin for E-commerce sites. WooCommerce smartly manages every WordPress procedure. Typically, with each new major and minor releases or upgrade of WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce version, we must update its own templates files using default templates. To preserve security, no modification is advised to some WordPress core and plugin. Occasionally we override some frequently used topics files. Also, in WooCommerce we used to create a folder and paste old or outdated templates files here in order to override it.

Thus, we may find an error showing that "theme contains obsolete or outdated WooCommerce template files and have to be upgraded for being compatible with all the recent WooCommerce version".

The Cause Of Error is just due to overriding some template documents during functioning. We generally upgrade new version releases of WooCommerce but the older template documents placed in our previous old themes still override the content of old edition.

How to upgrade and fix WooCommerce old template files?

First, we need to find out what template files needs to be upgraded?

The most convenient measures to check the version of template files are as follows:

Open WooCommerce -> templates -> template name then compare the version number to the version number in an overridden file located in your subject.

Go to: your-theme -> WooCommerce -> template name. Here, if you discover a different model number for the template, subsequently upgrade that template.

Then create old templates backup and restore customization if any as listed in the following steps:

Open: WooCommerce > System Status. Scroll to the end of the page in which to seek out overridden templates list by your old theme with a warning message that needed to be upgraded.

Even though the above procedure could be somewhat tedious to do, hopefully, it would be a better advise for you the best way to upgrade your theme to use a fresh version of WooCommerce.

If you are troubled to deal with the matter you might request an expert WooCommerce support on reaching us in CISIN. Our talented group of WooCommerce specialist can better guide and allow you to restore your WordPress shopping website.