Google Cloud Pricing is Affordable and Customizable According to the Customer’s Requirement

Google Cloud Pricing is Affordable and Customizable According to the Customer’s Requirement

Google cloud platform is something that must be utilized by everyone. By implementing this technology a high level of redundancy is expected along with having granular control over the services which a company is having. A company is also able to tweak the environment hosting and make the site of the customer 200 percent faster, more secure, more stable, and isolated in a complete manner.

Google cloud platform is responsible for allowing many companies to access the largest network in the world. Another important thing that this cloud platform of Google helps is by ensuring less downtime for customers. This is because the live migration of virtual machines is also possible.

According to a survey done by the SADA system, it can be said that almost around 84 percent of managers in IT are using public cloud infrastructure. According to Cisco, it can be said by the end of this year that is in 2020, the traffic of cloud will be representing 92 percent of all the network traffic of the data center. According to Google trends, it can be said that the searches regarding Google cloud platform are increasing at a rapid rate in recent years.

One of the most important services that are provided by Google is Google cloud hosting. They are also responsible for offering DNS, CDN, app engine storage, and various other products and services. Software development services are increasing number and so people are getting confused about which service to use. Some of the notable companies that are seeking the help of Google cloud platforms are Snapchat, HSBC, Spotify, Phillips, Coca Cola, Ubisoft, and Sony Music. According to certain researches, it has been seen that even Apple is also moving its certain services from AWS and is spending around $400 million to $600 million on the cloud platform of Google.

Advantages of Google cloud hosting

By reading the above-mentioned things people must be wondering about the pricing of Google cloud but before moving on to that section it is very important to know about the major advantages of the Google cloud platform that it is offering to everyone. This can be regarded as one of the best solutions available in the market because of stability, pricing, security, scalability, performance, and backups. Some of the major advantages of Google cloud platforms are given below-

Better pricing

Google is responsible for billing in minute-level increments that is it allows the users to pay for the time they are using. However, a minimum charge is applicable that is the charge for 10 minutes. So using this Google cloud platform will also provide the user with various bonuses like discounts for workloads that are long-running in nature. In the case of these long-run workloads, there is no need for upfront commitment. When a user is involved in using the VM for a single month then they will easily receive a discount. These services are very useful for start-ups and enterprise ITs as it helps in reducing the cost.

In the case of AWS, there is a requirement of prepays in the form of reserved instances and without this, the user won’t be getting any kind of discounts. In the case of Azure developed by Microsoft, a total of around 5 percent discount is offered for a prepay of 12 months. According to various data and researches, it can be said that the Google cloud platform is around 50 to 60 percent cheaper than Azure and AWS.

The private global fiber network

Many technical giants are having the opinion that power is in-network. One of the main things that make the Google cloud platform the best among its competitor is that the network offered by the Google cloud platform is the biggest in the world. The network of the Google cloud platform is very fast and is also having a privately distributed backbone between all the centers of data. In the year 2016 and in the month of June, Google announced about their access to 10Tbps because of their investment in FASTER cable system between Japan and the US. This is basically used by the Google app customers and Google cloud. A 9000km trans-Pacific cable is there which is known to be the highest cable that is present undersea and also lands in United State’s Oregon. Moreover, there are also two landing points in Japan. Google is also considered to be one of the sole members that are having access to 100Gb/sx100 wavelength and that also in pair. These are basically the strands of optical transmission between Japan and Oregon.

On July 17, 2018, Google made an announcement about the Dunant that is the subsea cable of the trans-Atlantic. The cable crosses from the US’s Virginia Beach to the Atlantic coast in France and as per expectations, this will be available in the year 2020. Now here comes the comparison, you will fall short about counting other providers similar to Google that are laying cables of fiber-optical nature under Ocean. The speed of the network helps in creating a difference in the total cost and this is very important. It because of the speed that more data is processed in a very less amount of time. In the month of August 2017, Google made an announcement about the standard tier and premium tier network. And this is the thing that makes Google the first ever who is offering a tiered cloud network. Custom software development services are emerging at a huge rate in order to make apps for the business owners and the business owners are also choosing the Google cloud platform for their business as they know that it will be beneficial for their business.

Live migration of virtual machines

Live migration of virtual machines is known to be another major thing that is done with the help of the Google cloud platform. This functionality is not offered by AWS or Azure and neither by any other providers. If a person is using this WordPress hosting provider, then he is sure to stay up with VMs. There is no degradation in performance noticed when there is live migration of virtual machines between the host machines.

The benefits of live migration with the help of the Google cloud platform is that it helps the engineers in addressing issues in a better way related to updating, patching, and repairing the hardware and software without worrying about rebooting the machine. Google also helps in offering services for persistent disk resizing without any downtime. A CLI or a portal can be used to resize the live disk.

Performance is improved

The loading time decreases in a significant manner on a client’s side when the companies are using the Google cloud platform. According to various researches, it has been found that many companies had a reduction in the loading time by 50 percent. Automatic scalability is offered to those companies who are using Google compute engine. In the case of cloud computing space, Google's cloud platform is become famous for making leaps and bounds.

State of the art security

Security is known to be one of the biggest concerns for every industry. And here also Google cloud platform is becoming more and more noted because of the amount of security it is providing. A benefit of the security model is received by those companies that are using the Google cloud platform. This security model was not built in 1 year. It took almost 15 years to build this. Google cloud platforms are responsible for securing current services and products like Search, Gmail, etc. More than 500 full-time security professionals are handled by Google and this number will increase in the near future. Some of the security features of Google cloud platforms are-

  • The encryption of all the data is being done in transit between Data centers, customers, and Google as well as data in services of Google cloud platform. The data that is stored currently in the persistent disk is encrypted with encryption and this encryption is also encrypted by a set of master keys that is changed regularly.
  • The layers of Google storage stack and applications require those requests that are basically coming from other components are authorized and authenticated.
  • Google is having a good relationship with ISPs all over the world and so the security of the data is improved in transit.
  • There are various certifications that are responsible for providing independent third-party validations.

These methods are more secure when compared to other methods by similar service providers. It also helps to ensure secure WordPress hosting all day long. SaaS development services are also secured in nature but it all depends on the developers who are handling the service and so a good developer must be chose to keep everything secure.

Continued expansion

Google is building its infrastructure of the cloud platform in a rapid manner. Google is expanding globally and so there is a reduction in latency, ensures faster loading time, and many more. Updated lists of all Google cloud platform regions are

  • Doha, Qatar
  • Delhi, India
  • Milan, Italy
  • Paris, France
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Santiago, Chile
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Warsaw, Poland
  • Toronto, Canada

Google cloud platform- factors for understanding cost

Free trial

Google cloud platform is having a free trial while you are signing up. When people are signing up with their credit card then they are getting around $300 and a free trial of 12 months whichever is consumed earlier. Another important to keep in mind is that the credit which the person is using will not be charged after the exhaustion of $300.

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Free tiers

This feature is known to be one of the best features of the Google cloud platform and this similar feature is also offered in other cloud platforms. This free tier actually means that some of the free services are given and if the person using those services are within that limit then they won’t have to pay for anything. This is the best thing that will help you to try all the services and by using those services a person can try out many things and also run things for a certain time. However, some services are there that won’t be available for free. SaaS product development companies can help you in guiding through the whole process.

Using the GCP calculator

It is very important that the person gets familiar while they are using the cost calculator that is provided to the person by the Google cloud platform. The main work of this cost calculator is that it gives the users idea about what is going to cost them. By using this calculator a user can easily determine which virtual machine configuration is more costly and which services can cost them more.

Other factors include-

  • SSD
  • Storage space allocation
  • Ingress and Egress
  • Storage classes
  • Hidden costs like incoming traffic costs, number of requests, storage space required, and outgoing traffic costs

It is important to know the pricing of services provided by a provider before anyone starts using their services. So before knowing about the pricing of the Google cloud platform it is very important to know about the fundamentals of pricing of any cloud platform.

Pricing fundamentals

Pricing depends on a few factors and they are-

Network or data transfer

This is basically measured in cost per rack unit. Many things are there that must come under consideration while anyone is defining the networking service’s price. There are costs of network hardware like uploading, data transferring and downloading, internal labor costs, and finally, the cost involved in maintenance.


This is measured in cost per GB of RAM. The prices of computing are basically as per CPU usage that is organization specific. The things that must be considered are CPU power and various operations of hardware that is being utilized in performing any task.


It is basically measured in cost per GB of the virtual disk. The cost of storage basically depends on the type of storage that is being used by the users, infrastructure that is underlying, speed of storing as well as retrieving data. These are the main things which are responsible for deciding prices.

Google cloud pricing

The price of Google cloud is very cheap and along with it, various other benefits are also there. some of the important ones Google cloud platform cost are given below-

  • Lower prices- when compared to other cloud service providers, it can be said that Google is responsible for providing a savings of 60 percent where 24 percentage is related to sustained usage discount, 21 percentage related to list price difference, and 15 percentage related to rightsizing recommendations.

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  • Pay-as-you-go- there is no upfront cost that is it is on the basis of the pay-as-you-go.
  • No fee for termination- no termination fee is there for the users who are using the services. Whenever the user stops using the services by Google, then only he can stop paying. There are many reasons for which many people use GCP including best-in-class performance, automatic usage discounts, innovative solutions, competitive pricing, and principles and practices that are strongly secured.

Google cloud pricing innovation

The Google cloud platform plays an important role by providing their user with better pricing just by innovation like-

  • Sustained usage discount- the discount is around 30 percent of the workload that is running for a portion of the billing month on Cloud SQL and compute engine.
  • Per second billing- in this case, the user will have to pay per second and this the way a cloud should have to work.
  • Preemptive VM instances- a workload percentage of 80 can be interrupted like data processing as well as data mining. The set price is there for preemptive VM instances that make the budget very easy and is not similar to that of the market price.
  • Custom machine type- the users must be selecting any CPU configuration and memory in order to save a total of 50 percent when compared to other cloud’s fixed machine types.
  • Rightsizing recommendations- compute sizing recommendations are normally based on usage. It is because of this consuming less is possible along with saving a lot of time on management.
  • Codeline- archiving the cost of tape is possible because of the code line storage and this can be done at the speed of the disk. Now for this same API is there as regular storage and hence the process of archiving data becomes easy without changing the apps that are responsible for accessing it.


By reading the above points the facts about the Google cloud platform are cleared and it will also help you know why people are changing to the Google cloud platform. SaaS development company is also hiring dedicated developers who are having the skills for helping their clients satisfy their needs. Now by going through the above points it can be said that the services provided by the Google cloud platform are affordable as well as customizable.