Here’s How You Can Expand Your Workforce Without Hiring Anyone

Here’s How You Can Expand Your Workforce Without Hiring Anyone

Artificial intelligence could possibly be the future of the industry and by tapping the potential of these tools, you can get a jump-start on the competition.

Daily, we hear more about Artificial Intelligence (AI). Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg happen to be publicly "feuding" about the possible dangers of AI, which can leave people cautious to test new products driven by AI.

While Musk and Zuckerberg are discussing is a possible future scenario, in fact, virtually everything we do online now has a portion of machine learning or even artificial intelligence. As the AI used in them is rudimentary and narrowly focused, we can allow them to be useful in our daily business--without any fear that they're going to take over the whole world.

Here are some AI-driven tools which can make your business run like clockwork:


As an entrepreneur, you're often busy running your company. If you don't just happen to become an artist or even a web designer, you won't possess the skills to make your own layouts. Fortunately, the AI comes to the rescue.

  1. With Firedrop, everything you have to do is answer a few questions about your company, and Sacha, the AI web designer, brings it to life. It's slightly more intricate counterpart The Grid, a site famous for the Kickstarter, gives you slightly more control out of this box, but nevertheless designs a complete site for you with very little input. For individuals that believe Squarespace or Wix are too frightening, both sites will likely feel right at home.
  2. Do you suck at Pictionary? Are you always trying to get your point across with a sketch and nobody knows? Go to the Autodraw website, and it'll guess what you're trying to draw and set it in a neat picture. Bonus: Take your finished sketch into Paintschainer and you also can automatically blend it in via AI to get a unique work of art.


Similar to Design, unless you are a marketing genius, once you're operating a little company, you do not need time to create content and then run it. By utilizing AI, it is like having your own Don Draper on staff.

  1. Today, if you aren't using video, you'll lose people's interest quickly --but if you're like me, finding the opportunity to create them can be hard. Magisto assists me out by taking my uploaded pictures and movie and implementing AI to pick just the top bits. I have been pleasantly surprised by its consequences right from the box.
  2. Do you've got heaps of written content and no videos for it? Lumen5 can be a wonderful tool for you. This site does is take URLs of articles and convert them into captioned videos and complete with music. For example, I use it to quickly create company video summaries for my Inc content to post to social media.
  3. Wish to add stock footage into your videos? Do you like more control over what you are sending? Are you trying to make an explainer? Use Biteable's video founder to put something together quickly, with the benefit of getting their enormous catalog of stock footage and music.


Earnings will be the bane of every provider's existence, no matter what your size. If you are a small company, you ought to be spending a substantial amount of time selling versus everything else, but what generally occurs is that this gets neglected for product development and other tasks. Thankfully we now have AI to assist us.

  1. Do not have enough time to find and capture prospects? Use to surface heat prospects to follow up with.
  2. Already have hot leads? Enter them into Conversica and let the AI do its own work. As soon as you have a meeting group, it is going to add it to your calendar and enable you to follow up right.
  3. With Crystal, you can surface insights to have the correct conversations with individuals. The advice it provides you can be somewhat spooky so use sparingly.


As entrepreneurs, it may be all too easy to let things fall through the cracks. Putting processes set up for following up is a great step, yet it appears out of reach for most people. Thanks to AI, it is a reality.

  1. Utilizing, you can have your own digital assistant, scheduling meetings, and follow-ups, adding it to your calendar straight. This allows you to spare some time for more important items.
  2. Together with AskTetra and Fireflies, you become automated meeting notes delivered to you personally -- in short form. Instead of simply a complete transcript, these services send one of the advice so you know what's most important.

By embracing AI, your business can run simpler and you will be way ahead of the competition.