How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Significantly Transform The Way Web Development Companies Operate

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Significantly Transform The Way Web Development Companies Operate

Artificial Intelligence with its acronym AI is the buzzword you’ll find in almost all the discussions in forums. You’ll also find it to be present in any blog post or article written on the latest trending technologies of the digital world. AI has taken the industries and the market by storm, it has impacted the operations and functioning of nearly all the industries you can think of! It’s present in health-care, education, agriculture, manufacturing, logistics and most significantly in custom web development.

If you have been giving a thought to questions such as,

  • How AI can impact web development field?
  • What is the future of web designing or development with AI? or
  • How AI programming software may work?

You’re at the right place, read on to know how AI is on the path of transforming the way web programming companies work.

Web users are constantly in quest of coming across a new and rich experience on the internet. Due to this demand of the consumers, web development has become an ever-changing field. There are frequently new updates and upgrades reported for numerous software to make them compatible with the latest technologies such as AI, ML, IoT, and more. Let’s discuss some of the ways how AI is making developing software an easy task for the developers:

Virtual Assistants Simplifying The Development Phase

Any developer would agree that the task of designing the templates and basic layouts of a website is tedious and boring. AI-based virtual assistants have simplified these tasks for them. An AI tool can now chat with a customer, ask some specific questions related to the design, content, layout, brands, and then come up with a perfect combination of all these factors to match the demands of the user. Adobe Sensei is one such virtual assistant which helps in recommending design elements to the user.

SEO with AI

Have you ever heard of ‘Market Brew’! It’s an AI-powered SEO platform. It allows the developers to build a website with the content which is SEO friendly from day one.

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SEO is all about crunching numbers, data, researching, and analysis. There are numerous web analytic tools available for performing the above tasks. But, they still are limited to certain types of data. But, with the support of AI, the developers can easily review and suggest the problems with the structure of the websites and also the irrelevant or harmful content on the website. Staving off these irregularities from the website will clearly make way for any website to rank high on search engines.

Improving The Customer Experience (CX)

AI-powered chatbots have already revolutionized the user experience on websites. Nearly all the standard websites have a chatbot installed on their website to deal with any basic query of the users. These chatbots have transformed the way industries are operating now. For instance, in the healthcare industry, users can now visit a doctors or hospitals website and interact with a chatbot to take appointments.

The conversation done by chatbots is eradicating all communication barriers. They respond to human queries in a very humanized and natural manner. That’s the reason a survey by The Future Today predicts that chatbots alone would have a market share of about $3.5 billion by 2021.

Automating The Testing/QA Phase

One of the rigorous processes that developers have to face while developing a website or an application is testing phase. The quality assurance and testing phase of development demands rigorous examining of the built software. With artificial intelligence development algorithms, this demanding and tedious task of developers can be executed with minor human input. AI algorithms can not just identify the bugs and errors, but can even repair them. Additionally, it can also reduce the time taken by the QA and tester for a single project, increasing the efficiency of the project on whole.

Note: Microsoft, the tech giant is all set to launch its AI-based bug search engine, which would be known as the Microsoft Security Risk Detection.


With an immense boost in the online customer engagement, the primary reason of a web programming company to integrate AI within their system would be to offer their users with a satisfactory experience. Moreover, with AI programming software taking the development platform by storm, there also exists a demand of experienced web developers who can incorporate the complex AI techniques and algorithms into their working routine of developing or designing a website/application.

So, apart from making your online experiences more and more personalized, quick and engaging, artificial intelligence development in websites is going to enhance the interaction of customers with the web development company as well. There’s no doubt that AI is in the run of becoming a critical part of modern-day web development.

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