How much it cost to make travel application Flights and Hotel Booking?

How much it cost to make travel application Flights and Hotel Booking?

The travel industry is undergoing a massive transformation. Over the years, mobile applications have revolutionized this industry in a major way. Online booking app development has increased in these years. However, application development services need to know the cost to develop travel application for flights and hotel booking. They should know the key features that are a need and the costs they entail. Some of these features are:

1. Booking

It includes booking hotel rooms, flight tickets, bus tickets, outstation cabs and train tickets in a tap.

2. Viewing Booking Details

It includes showing the details of booking status, making cancellations, requesting e-tickets and many more.

3. Options to Save Payment Information

It should have options to save credit/debit card details for a seamless holiday booking experience.

4. Payment Options

The travel application needs to have credit and debit card, integrated wallet and net banking features to pay for services and booking.

Another major feature that has emerged in this field is virtual tours. Let’s get into details of it.

Virtual Tours

The entire world is constantly trying to develop applications based on virtual reality. Virtual reality is quite a new field which hasn’t been explored by travel app developers. VR has great potential in travel applications. In this industry, VR can provide new ways to assist the people in deciding where to go. It can be used to show off the destination in the virtual reality that generate more revenues for the booking companies since people are much more likely to book a hotel room or flight after they experience what it actually feels like to be at a particular destination.

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There are virtual reality apps that offer 360-degree video clips along with guided virtual tours of destinations and experiences around the entire world. The content for this particular type of application is provided by different travel companies. Some apps allow the user to experience the innate beauty of the destination before they actually book the flights. It provides 360-degree videos of various touring destinations via virtual reality headsets. Airlines are also using immersive technology in order to demonstrate the differences between their different cabin classes. Some airline let the visitors experience virtual airplane seats as well as virtual services that are on the virtual flight.

Virtual reality can easily promote products as well as service and even engage the potential customers. It can showcase venues, hotel rooms and amenities. It can provide virtual tours to clubs, conferences, parties, festivals etc. It can allow users to compare the services at different airlines. It can allow the clients to explore different destinations from their company’s couch. It can assist the clients to discover new places as well as experiences.

The development cost of travel application for flights and hotel booking differs from every platform. Booking app for iOS costs much lesser than Android, which is a surprise. iOS app needs to be compatible with a lesser number of devices which isn’t the case of Android.

There are certain different aspects that you need to consider during app development for flight and hotel booking app that drives the cost.

1. Design of the App

If the app is good in providing great user experience via compelling design, then you have to put lesser efforts to make the users engaged with the app. Good design is actually a result of the work that is done by leveraging the best types of designing tools that certainly costs more. The overall design cost can easily be reduced by means of following the best in class design practices.

2. Size of the App

App size refers to the total number of functionalities and features. If the app has more features, then the cost will be higher. The easiest way to reduce the cost is to keep only the core features in the first app’s version. Once the app gets enough reputation, you can certainly add secondary features in the next app version.

3. App developers

It is another major factor that decides the application cost. The app development cost can vary on the geographic location, expertise as well as the experience level of the travel app developers.

Cost of Development

The entire cost to develop a travel application for flights and hotel booking can be estimated by following the most basic and advanced features that are mentioned above. The overall development cost of such an app by application development services is nearly 1000 hours. The average development cost is nearly $50 to $100 per hour. Hence, the cost to make a travel application can range from $50,000 to $100,000.