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How Much Would It Cost To Make An Enterprise Mobility Solution?

The mobile-driven epoch has made enterprise mobility solutions on rising. The businesses can leverage the potential of the enterprise mobility concept for managing an array of wireless networks and mobile devices with customized mobility.

At present, cloud integration solutions are growing exponentially that enable companies to match a particular strategy and cost of development as per their requirements. With mobile computing getting crucial to enterprises every single day, and online users demanding enhanced experiences, now is the time to update your mobility solution strategy. In this article, we will walk you through the concept of enterprise mobility solutions along with its advantages, cost to develop, etc. But let us have a glance at the enterprise mobility solutions and management services.

Introduction To Enterprise Mobility Solutions And Management Services

The efficacy and implementation of enterprise mobility solutionsvary from enterprises to enterprises. Some of the solutions are limited to securing the data while some solutions are limited to securing specific applications, the rest are limited to lock the entire device. Enterprise mobility magnifies employee productivity as it enables them to work directly through their mobile devices. EMS also ensures giving access to corporate resources to the employees on their devices. The core features of EMS are security, access management, and identification. Enterprise mobility solution refers to a service for the enterprises that enable them to give secure access to their employees on their mobile devices. In the same reference, enterprise mobility management service is the act of securing enterprise data on the devices of the employees. This process is inclusive of a set of standard practices and technologies to streamline mobility management service. The major components of EMM are mobile device management, mobile application management, mobile content management, and mobile identity management. Many custom software development company or organizations are adopting EMS for their businesses because of its multiple advantages. Research says that more than 90% of the employees prefer mobile devices over any other medium for accessing enterprise applications. 

Enterprise App Development For Your Corporate Requirements

The enterprises and their functional working models are changing every passing day where the "bring your device" approach is getting extensively popular. In the wake of the gig economy, data fetch pace and workplace optimization have become crucial but another most important aspect for developing enterprise mobility service is the fact that the entire solution must remain usable to the management as well as to the employees. Most of the Cloud Computing Services or enterprise verticals have a sheer size which makes the EMM development fairly complex. Another important factor is the compatibility of the number of operating systems and enterprise devices with an enterprise solution. To streamline the development of your enterprise mobility solution you can deduce the necessities through a focused approach and ensure a solution that is admired by all and secure. EMM truly makes the business operations mobile for the employees along with keeping the overheads minimal.Even enterprise mobility solutions and genetic enterprise solutions have a great scale of difference. This is for a fact that getting able to work across the mobile devices can gradually boost the enterprise productivity at various levels especially considering how the operations are done as per the Enterprise necessities.

Why Choose Enterprise Mobility And Cloud Integration Solutions?

Any enterprise (especially a huge one) lacking a well defined mobile approach is doomed to lose. As of now, there are 3.7 billion active smartphone users which translates to an estimated 60% of the global population. By the year 2025, these facts are more likely to increase and hit the mark of 80%. The facts are quite staggering but the opportunities are unlimited to expand the enterprise and customer sphere. Adopting prudent and sought after enterprise mobility services are more likely to meet your business in the long run. As the number of mobile users will grow, the requirement for valuable information as well as tasks to be accomplished through mobile devices will increase as well. While facilitating the services, mitigating the unexpected error will become a significant challenge for enterprises all across the world. The top organizations will not only choose the managers to develop enterprise mobility solutions but they will also consider the technology that can go along with EMS. 

The enterprise mobility concept can add an impetus along with increasing the service level of the enterprise employees, customers, or other members. Right from streaming the favorite shows to making payments or booking appointments, people nowadays believe in doing every task right from the comfort of their mobile devices. Out of this, the corporate world is also no exception. In fact, it is required in the business dimension to move operations from a system-oriented strategy to an easy and effective road map i.e. enterprise mobility solution for the employees as well as stakeholders. As the technical world is empowered by smartphones, many companies are rushing to offer an excellent experience to their existing as well as potential customers across multiple devices. Hence, you can choose enterprise mobility solutions to get access to-

  • Enhanced online experience across various devices and platforms
  • Multipronged mobile-first strategy to lure the customers
  • Efficiency to work offline as well as online mode
  • Enterprise document management in data storage
  • Mobility dependent techniques and modern systems

Top Benefits Of Incorporating Enterprise Mobility Solutions

It is the goal of every enterprise to increase the growth stimulation and engagement of their business through the enterprise application. In the digital era where even the simplest task has also been transformed into the mobile-first approach, incorporating mobility solutions has become crucial. The golden rule is- the more mobile users, the easier it will be to attract them through the enterprise mobility solution. The global emergence of smartphones has transformed operations and way of doing business. It has also enabled the companies to leverage the technology for enhancing user experience and increasing the return on investment. Furthermore, any Enterprise App Development solution loaded with the essential functionalities, emerging technologies, and features is a must-have for the enterprises apparently. If built and integrated accurately, this solution can offer tangible advantages to enterprises irrespective of their scale. In this segment, we will explore the benefits of enterprise mobility solutions.

  • Efficient Enterprise Data Collection:Data collection is a crucial practice for every business model where enterprise mobility solutions allow the employees to proficiently gather data through various touchpoints on the enterprise application. On the plus side, it also manages voluminous corporate data files to offer excellent value to the customers and stakeholders. Enterprise mobility solutions help the employees to keep track of the data records efficiently and to make data-driven decisions on enterprise productivity and performance.
  • Increase In Productivity: The amalgamation of enterprise mobility solutions and CloudComputing Services gives a facility to the employees to work from any time, anywhere. Enterprise applications also enable corporate employees to access valuable data as per the requirements. It also enables the business owners to connect with their employees irrespective of the diversity or time horizons and facilitates them to implement the business operations at their comfort. In turn, EMS enhances employee productivity and revenue without compromising data security or customer satisfaction.
  • Reducing Operational Cost:Many enterprises might be heavily spending on their business infrastructure on maintenance services. Hence, incorporating enterprise mobility solutions help the businesses to offer "work from home" or "bring your own device" services to their employees. This can minimize the operational or infrastructure cost of your business drastically. Even for the scenario where it is crucial for the employees to attend in-house work, enterprise mobility solutions and Management services can quickly facilitate the workspace collaboration across multiple devices.
  • Utmost Customer Satisfaction:For any enterprise irrespective of its size, delivering maximum customer satisfaction is our top priority. An enterprise mobile application makes it easy for the business to reach out to its potential customers a long way to get into their requirements. If implemented correctly, it can also allow the businesses in real-time to address their customer grievances along with resolving their immediate issues for promoting their brand-specific offers and discounts. All in all, the integration of an enterprise mobility solution can guarantee quick customer support in a short span of time.
  • Security: Enterprise data security and protection is a significant requirement of every business. Enterprise-grade security and mobility management services are inclusive of Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM), Identity and Access Management (IAM), and other such components to provide necessary data security measures to the custom software development company. All together they facilitate a secure medium that only permits authorized access to the enterprise data centers by mitigating the risk of data breach and theft.
  • Enable Fast Reporting:The incorporation of an enterprise application and reporting system in your business can allow the employees to easily share or access the project report on a regular basis. In addition to it, these project reports can also be accessed through any device at any time by the stakeholders, employees, decision-makers, or business owners to analyze the business dynamics. The first reporting feature of enterprise applications simplifies the process of tracking employee performance periodically.
  • Excellent collaboration: when a diverse team or group works on a similar project it becomes essential for every team member to coordinate with each other frequently. Enterprise mobility services and Management solutions make it convenient for the employees to keep track of the work progress along with continuously collaborating. These solutions can also simplify the process of sharing data and valuable information across various mobile devices or platforms. Hence, implementing enterprise mobility and Management services is imperative for excellent collaboration among the team members, and employees. This gets specially recognized when a part of the team is unavailable in-house.

How enterprises are rolling out the mobility App solution?

There are more than 4.9 billion being connected to at least one device global. Hence, mobility solutions have the potential to transform online businesses to a greater extent. Mobility Technology has also taken the form of a highly Effective solution by introducing advancements in Smartphone technology and wireless network. This has also enabled the employees to start using their own devices for their operations and to expect access to the same in real-time. Enterprise mobility solutions are extensively popular because the employers are often requested from every and to offer work-related access to the employees across their mobile devices. In simple words, enterprises have realized the advantages of enterprise mobile applications and they are formulated in special qualities to roll out the solution. of them have plans to roll out the enterprise mobility application in the below-mentioned phases-

  • Mobile accessibility- This is usually the first phase of the mobility application. Enterprises use this to offer access to the contacts, event calendar, emails, just to name a few to their employees. The employers also make sure to keep the data encrypted and easily accessible for the employees.
  • Beyond desktop- almost every work-related enterprise mobility application is specially optimized for mobile accessibility and usage. It is done either through the mobile-based website or by developing a mobile application. This approach helps the business to reduce their sales cycles along with replacing the volume of paper-based work in real-time.
  • Improving efficiency- enterprises have initiated identifying mobility solutions or applications to improve their business efficiency and employee efficiency to a greater extent. Enterprise applications can readily limit the process of approval time along with improving the sales and promotions which makes it highly in demand in the corporate environment.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Enterprise Mobility Solutions?

The enterprises at present have started looking beyond the realm of the ‘bring your own device’ approach and they are choosing a more manageable solution to streamline their corporate working environment. Just a few years before, many users lived in the anonymity of using random mobile applications, in fact initially the users never accepted mobile applications with an open mind. However, in modern times the tables have turned and it has to lead us to the age of mobile app development. The efficacy of mobile applications is not just limited to the third party or external users but it has also diffused and streamlined within the enterprises to encourage any ongoing business process. The concept of enterprise mobility solutions and Enterprise Mobility Management is at its peak. You can consider integrating one solution for your business as well with a functional understanding of how much does it cost for developing one such solution.

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In the earlier days, developing an enterprise mobility application was expensive as well as challenging where most of the companies have expected the entire development process and operations with upfront discussions on timeframes, application development technologies, cost, and other components. As an enterprise owner if you are looking for a way to successfully implement an enterprise mobility application that can enhance your company's workforce, productivity along with speeding up the app development process, go through the complete cost guide mentioned below.

 Let us first get a quick overview of what an enterprise mobile application is. For the ones reading this, and those are still not sure how this application can have a positive influence on your enterprise, here is a walkthrough-

  • An enterprise mobility application alludes to a mobile-first approach used to perform multiple tasks within the company to speed up or streamline the business activities
  • Enterprise applications help the company's employees to easily operate across different devices or locations along with serving all the requirements with ease
  • Most of the solutions can also cater to the client requirements across different multitudes
  • Employees can have access to all the policies and service information through EMS on the move

Other than the aforementioned advantages, enterprise mobility and Management services have endless benefits. 

Simply put, the cost estimate of developing an enterprise mobility solution for your enterprise rangers somewhere around $30000 to $60000, which can eventually hit $70000 depending upon the application complexity and features. The same price is applicable if you are outsourcing web development to create enterprise mobility solutions for your Enterprise (this is strongly recommended). Since an organizational or business-centric application can easily resolve the queries within a business environment and it is entirely focused on simplifying the day-to-day work process, it has to be excellent in terms of security, accessibility, advancements, and features. Moreover, an enterprise application solution also integrates much of the enterprise data and existing data components. It guarantees the security and safety of mobile data for employees, customers, and clients.

The Factors That Drive The Cost Of Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Below mentioned are prominent factors that drive the cost of enterprise mobility solutions from moderate to a higher range.

  1. Native Or Hybrid:This is to no surprise that the native application development is costlier than the hybrid app development, almost thrice the usual. It is because native app development requires more time than hybrid and this increases the price of developing enterprise geometry solutions on an hourly basis.
  • User Authentication: Mini Enterprise mobility applications demand secure login credentials to access the enterprise information or related data. The authentication application also needs additional efforts from the developers and that can increase the cost of development to a certain limit.
  • Third-Party Integration:Any business willing to develop an enterprise solution can not stick to an individual application that does not rely on the enterprise system or data. Hence it is important to undertake third-party integration tools and application programming interfaces but it can call for additional budget.
  • Offline Support: Once the enterprise application is deployed to get the user feedback or to resolve their queries, it is important to provide offline support to the users whenever wherever they want. To ensure the application usability or adoption you must cater to the user community requirements, but it can add more to the cost.

  • Location Tracking:Particular applications require real-time reporting and location tracking by its employee workforce. Hence, developers are required to incorporate advanced features like GPS tracking, mapping, and many more to fulfill these requirements.

Based upon the application or project size the cost may vary.

  • Small enterprise application- $456, 000
  • Medium enterprise application- $986,000
  • Large enterprise application- $2,416,000

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Steps to develop a successful enterprise mobility application

To enrich your enterprise by offering innovative services and accessibility to your clients as well as employees, you can devise effective enterprise mobility solutions and management strategies. To accomplish this objective, go through this section.

  • Define your business objective- have an accurate visualization of your project objectives in mind while starting with enterprise mobility solution development. Before you start with the project development have an understanding of your audience, application development requirements, and various other components.
  • Choose the right platform- depending upon your project prerequisites and Technology stack, ensure choosing the right app development platform that can run on mobile devices without any inconvenience. The next approach is to develop a local enterprise mobility application that is built for specific users.
  • Stay focused- this is another important step in building a successful enterprise mobility application. Since you have to manage multiple aspects all at once keep in mind that the project implementation process is accessed well by the devices and applications. Remain focused on the development of an Enterprise solution.

The Bottom Line

The Enterprise Mobility Management solutions make sure that the enterprise employees can easily get the work done in a flash. It assures increasing employee productivity along with boosting their working efficiencies. To get a precise estimate of the enterprise app development cost you have to pay attention to the cost drivers like- payment processing, data graphing, push notifications, barcode scanning, billing system, etc. To get an edge over the existing industry you must consider integrating enterprise applications that are employee-friendly, resourceful, and highly interactive. Owing an enterprise makes it phenomenal to keep up with the emerging trends and solutions. So, crafting a powerful enterprise mobility application will help you flourish your business dynamics.