How to Drastically Expand Your Workforce Without Hiring Anybody

How to Drastically Expand Your Workforce Without Hiring Anybody

Artificial intelligence could be the potential of the business, and using these tools, you can find a jump-start on the competition.

Each and every single day, we hear more and more about Artificial Intelligence (AI). Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg happen to be openly "feuding" about the potential dangers of AI, which can leave people cautious to test new products pushed by AI.

While what Musk and Zuckerberg are discussing is a possible future situation, in fact, almost what we do online now has some part of machine learning or even artificial intelligence. Since the AI used inside them is basic and narrowly concentrated, we could permit them to be helpful in our day-to-day business--without any fear that they are going to take over the whole world.

Below Are Some AI-driven tools which will help make your business run like clockwork:


As an entrepreneur, you're often busy running your business. If you don't just happen to become an artist or a designer, then you won't possess the skills to create your own designs. Thankfully, AI comes to the rescue.

1. With Firedrop, everything you have to do is answer some questions about your company, and Sacha, the AI-net designer, also brings it into life. It is a slightly more complex counterpart, The Grid, a site famous for its Kickstarter, gives you more control out of this box, but nevertheless layouts a complete website for you with a very little input signal. For folks who believe Squarespace or even Wix are too daunting, both sites will feel right at home.

2. Do you suck Pictionary? Are you trying to receive your point across using a sketch and nobody understands? Proceed to the Autodraw site, and it'll guess what you are trying to draw and set it in a neat picture. Bonus: Take your completed sketch to Paintschainer and you also can automatically color it in through AI to get a unique work of art.


Very similar to Design, unless you are a marketing guru, once you're operating a small company, you don't have time create content and then run it. By utilizing AI, it's like having your personal Don Draper on staff.

3. Today, if you aren't using video, you'll lose people's interest quickly--but if you are like me, finding the time to make them can be hard. Magisto helps me out by accepting my uploaded pictures and video and applying AI to pick just the top bits. I have been amazed by its results right out of the box.

4. Do you have heaps of written content and no videos for it? Lumen5 can be a great tool for you. What this website does is take URLs of posts and also convert them into captioned videos and complete with audio. As an example, I use it to instantly make companion video summaries for my Inc articles to post to interpersonal websites.

5. Wish to add stock footage into your own videos? Do you enjoy more control over what you're sending? Are you trying to make an explainer? Utilize Biteable's video creator to put something together quickly, with the advantage of accessing their enormous catalog of stock footage and music.


Earnings are the bane of each business's presence, no matter what your dimensions. If you're a small organization, you ought to be spending a substantial quantity of time promoting versus everything else, but what generally happens is that this gets neglected for product development and other activities. Happily, we've got AI to help us.

6. Don't have time to find and capture prospects? Use to surface warm leads to follow up with.

7. Already have hot outcomes? Enter them into Conversica and let the AI do its work. When you've got a meeting set, it will add it to your calendar and enable you to follow up right.

8. With Crystal, you can surface insights to have the ideal conversations with people. The advice it gives you may be somewhat spooky so use sparingly.


As entrepreneurs, it can be all too easy to allow things fall through the cracks. Putting processes in place for following this up is really a good step, however, it seems out of reach for most people. As a result of AI, it is a reality.

9. Employing, you can have your own virtual assistant, scheduling meetings, and follow-ups, adding it to your calendar directly. This enables you to spare some time for more important things.

10. With AskTetra and Fireflies, you become automatic assembly notes sent to you--in outline form. Rather than just a full transcript, these services send one of the advice so you understand what's most important.

By embracing AI, your company can run simpler and you will be far ahead of the contest.