Hybrid app development vs Low code development apps

Hybrid app development vs Low code development apps

Recently the number of smartphone users has increased a lot. The number of smartphones used by people is increasing and so there is also an increment in the need for mobile apps. There are many purposes for which people are using mobile apps and they are entertainment, booking movie tickets, daily planning, shopping, etc. The work process is also modernized by the use of these mobile apps as they help in assisting the employees as well as the teams. Because of this, a vast opportunity is created for mobile application development services as they are fulfilling the needs of people by developing mobile apps.

There are many ways an app can be developed like the process of hybrid app development or low code development for apps. But there are certain comparisons between these two processes of development. Benefits of hybrid app development and low code development for apps are given below that will help you establish a comparison between these two processes.

Importance of app development

Before knowing about the comparison between hybrid apps and low code app development, it is important to know why it is important to develop an app for your business. The reasons are given below-

Strengthening the engagement of the customer

This is one of the most important benefits of all benefits. Mobile apps basically play an important role in creating direct marketing channel between customers and businesses. This is very essential for effective as well as direct communication. It is also possible to install as well as sent both push and in-app notifications to innumerable customers. Customers will easily get attached if the push notification is carrying any important or relevant information. This will help your customers to be loyal to your brand and chose your service whenever they find it necessary.

Accessibility is increased

The second importance of developing mobile for business is that the accessibility is increased. It gives the business owners the power of sending notifications about any new staff that is going to take place or about any changes in the services of the company or the product. Businesses can build a good relationship with customers because of this mobile app. Special discounts can also help the business to establish a strong relationship with their customers.

Providing value for customers

Any loyalty program can be digitalized with the help of a mobile app that any business owner may be offering to their customers. Instead of using a collection card that is old, a business owner can easily send rewards to customers with the help of a mobile app. One of the most important results of this is that more download of the app will take place along with the return of customers. Hybrid app developmentcan be beneficial to provide their client with such an app that will be providing value to their customers.

Transforming the experience of retail

The retail experience can be easily transformed with the help of mobile app development that will enable the retailers in maintaining things ahead of the expectations of customers by delivering a customer experience that will be unique in nature. The mobile app also helps in driving the digital model and process which can reduce the cost of the store and can help the owners to gain more profit. Many businesses are there which are built depending on mobile apps only. The overhead cost that is associated with brick and mortar establishment is reduced by the use of these mobile apps.

Building brand awareness and recognition

In the case of building awareness of the brand, a mobile app can be considered to be an important tool. Mobile apps can be stylish and well designed and all of that is on your hands. But the most important thing to keep in mind is that an app must be created in such a way that it is loved by your customers along with beautiful design.

The more you are engaging your customers with your products with the help of the mobile app, more will be your profit. When a person is seeing your brand 20 times they will start noticing your brand and so for advertisement purpose also, the mobile app is very important.

Unique services and payment

There are various features of mobile apps and that depends according to requirements. If you are in any service industry like healthcare, online food retail, then booking appointments must be a feature in your mobile app. You can then use the feature of push notification for reminding the customer about the appointment. Mobile payment is also becoming famous and so many big as well as small businesses are integrating the payment options in the mobile app that will help them in receiving direct payment with the help of credit or debit card. The platforms of payments will be basically secured, user-friendly, and fast in nature.

Hybrid app development and its benefits

There are various positive aspects because of which the hybrid app development process is used by various companies. The main advantages of using hybrid app development are given below-

Low cost and development is easy

Hybrid mobile app development is basically a unified one and because of this, there is no need for the developers to spend separate time building different versions of apps for various platforms. It can be said that the frameworks of hybrid platforms help the developers in building a single version. Moreover writing and maintaining individual code vases for different platforms can also be done. This can be considered to e one of the best reason for which various developers are choosing this way of app development. A considerable amount of money is saved for the client by this process and this is very beneficial for small companies or startups as their investments are less. This helps them in attracting more as well as saving large revenue.

Another major advantage that is provided by Hybrid app development is that the companies who are wishing to beat their competitor and hit the market as early as possible can release the MVP earlier than their competitors.

The simple backend can provide a native experience

An excellent user experience is delivered by native apps. So is the case for hybrid apps. Hybrid apps. Hybrid apps are responsible for providing their user with similar UX as the native app is providing but another advantage that it gives is that it keeps the structure of the backend simple. There are many options, people can even choose the comprehensive development frameworks and this framework is used for building the UX of the hybrid app that connects perfectly to functionalities that are device-specific. the manner of UX is seamless even when there are fixes going on. Moreover, they are also seamless during the time of updates. The fluid native feel is experienced by the hybrid app users and they also experience no difference when there is a shifting of device platforms.

Create ideas

The web applications that are ordinary never stay with the OS of the device and the built-in environment. It can be said they are not so much smart as those of the evolved applications. Moreover, they fail while they are emulating polished native apps. The natures of hybrid apps are sophisticated as they marry cleverly the OS of the device with the inheriting functionality that it is having without any kind of overhead. This is the main reason for which various app developers are able to think about creative ideas for enhancing the hybrid environment. This not only benefits developers but also helps the client to capture the target audience.

High-speed performance

In terms of speed and performance native apps are becoming very famous in today’s world. But mention must also be made of hybrid apps as when you are talking about speed no one comes near hybrid apps. It can be said that when there is a comparison between hybrid apps and other web apps or responsive websites, the hybrid apps are faster.

The reason of it being faster is that they do not rely on network communication. A hybrid app will always run perfectly on a device with great speed even if the number of users is large. One of the greatest examples of hybrid apps that are handling a huge amount of traffic is Twitter which is a social media app.

Attractive designs of UI/IX

The two core elements that are responsible for driving more users to the app are attractive design and consistent experience. Now when you are using a Hybrid app, then one can stay rest assured that the UI experience is superior and the performance of the app is flawless. Hybrid apps are more welcome to Android’s app store because of the look on each platform and compromised the operation. Users will never go through problems related to low performance or low loading time when they are using this app in multiple operating systems. This is the main reason why business owners are using this method to seek engagement from both Android as well as iOS users. iPhone app development services are also hiring developers who can develop hybrid apps to satisfy the needs of their clients.

Offline support

One of the most rewarding features that are offered from hybrid apps is the support when the users are offline. This is beneficial for the people

  • who are having limited consumptions of data
  • living in an underdeveloped and rural neighborhood
  • who have connections that interrupted very often
  • who are always on the go

The web applications that are pure can only be beneficial to those who are residing in urban areas where the connection of the internet is high. There are benefits of offline support and they are-

  • offline supports help the user to stay connected to some of the features of the apps even when they are not having a network connection
  • in hybrid apps, due to the API of the device, users are able to store some data locally as a process of offline storage and this is very useful to those people who frequently lose coverage or are in transit

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Integration with other apps is hassle-free

Native apps are for running on the same operating system and so it may become challenging for the users to make it work or integrate into a match with other apps. There will always be a lack when there is an interaction in inter-app. In the case of hybrid apps there are no such issues. A hybrid app is having the power to integrating with other apps and this can be considered to be a great advantage to the developers of the hybrid mobile app who will be giving little efforts in case of integration. The hybrid apps are responsible for connecting with the system the environment of the device in an effortless manner similar to that of the native app.

Multi-platform support

There is no limit of expansion and support in the case of the hybrid app as they will be supporting all the platforms if they are famous. The performance of the hybrid app in various platforms will be depending mainly on the type of framework that has been used. Hybrid development services are able to create interactive and great hybrid apps that will be able to work superiorly across various platforms. There won’t be any problem if the platform is recognized widely.

Qualified for online marketplace

Strict guidelines are followed by Apple App Store as well as Google Play Store when the developers are publishing any apps there. The developers who are developing the apps must respect both the dominants in the app market since the number of global users is enormous. Google as well as Apple will be selecting apps of hybrid and native nature. A great number of downloads are expected when there is a submission of the app in these two stores. So it is very essential to develop a hybrid app that will have qualifications for appearing in the online marketplace.

Low code app development and its benefits

Recently Low code app development is also becoming very famous and there are good reasons behind it. This technology is very useful and makes it easier for those people who are having the limited experience to build apps for both mobile and web. There are many benefits of using low code mobile app development and they are given below-

Lower barrier to cost, entry, and deployment time

Low code development will be playing an important role in order to reduce the barrier to cost, entry, and time. Expert coders are no longer needed for full development but you can still use some experts in case of coding training. For example, nurses and doctors can help code and also deploy the workflow in place of any programmer without any kind of medical background. This point is very important and can prove to be very beneficial for many businesses. Cross-platform app development are also becoming famous as it also helps in similar aspects.

Legacy integration

It is known by almost everyone that the low code app development platform plays an immensely important role to increase the app development’s agility. In the case of a legacy mainframe system the low code app development is also available. Same benefits are brought by low code app development along with more resilient solutions, the ability to adapt quickly to new requirements, and also faster development.

Rapid solution assembly by nontechnical audience

In the case of hyper-personalized world, it can be a game-changer if a developer is able to create solution fast that will be behaving similarly across an ecosystem that is omnichannel. The digital programs are fast-tracked by the low-code platform software to enable a wider as well as non-technical audience to assemble solutions in a rapid manner. Many platforms are growing at a larger rate but this environment is very important as it is breaking down the boundaries of traditional organization.

Fast development cycles

The barrier to entry in case of innovation is lowered because of the low code app development. There are many people or developers who are having no coding experience at all and they also can create digital products easily without facing any major issue. The development cycle is also expedited. The products are functioning in a flawless manner along with designs that are visually appealing can be created within a few minutes and the client will no longer have to wait for weeks to get their end product.

Automating ideas of business

The world is growing at a faster rate and all of this is because of the advancement in the field of technology. The world is trying to go to a place where business ideas can be automated within just a few minutes. This point can be considered to be one of the most exciting benefits if one is using the low code app development process. Within five years or six years, it can be said that almost everyone will become a developer and all of this is possible because of the advancement in the field of technology. Low code is having the capability of customizing apps to developing complex apps and it can also help employees to equip with powerful tools that will improve the efficiency of the operation.

Maintenance burden is reduced

Software maintenance is another important factor that must be kept in mind even after the completion of the process of app development. There are many times when maintenance can take a long time but in the case of low code development, it can be said that the burden of software maintenance is reduced and this is because of the abstraction of the daily work from regular development. The components are pretested, standardized, and also readymade and so the number of bugs will be very less. This will also help to deal with issues related to integration. Developers will now be able to focus on the main innovative work instead of spending more amount of time on maintenance. Hence a greater business value is driven.

The emergence of citizen developers

There is a constant demand for software as well as for apps and there are many IT departments who are not able to keep up with these demands. Here is the role of the citizen developers who are having tools that are pre-existed and also sanctioned by corporate IT, so with a simple path of development and less code citizen developers are having the capability of developing apps that are much-needed. The development is also reduced because of the building-block approach. So time-to-value is translated at a faster rate.

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High productivity

The gap between the business team and IT departments is cut down by Low code app development and so both of them are able to solve real issues that are affecting the companies. The business team is able to create or develop their own apps and they will no longer have to wait for the developers. The access to team members is increased because of the elimination of complex code and so the productivity is increased. Launching of new ideas is possible and can be iterated in a quick manner.

Rapid prototyping

One of the major benefits of low code app development are that it allows the non-coders in prototyping the solutions in a quick manner. These solutions can be evaluated, tested, and refined instead of involving software development staff that is formal. Competing solutions can be merged, discarded, or compared to the point when they will be mature.

Faster development and innovation

The people who are not having any technical backgrounds can develop faster because of low code app development. However, ensuring strong security along with in-app protection by mobile app developers is important. They are basically built-in from the design stage and are not eliminated because of convenience and speed.


iOS application development company or Android app development company, all are sticking to a hybrid app development process or the process of low code app development. As you have gone through the benefits of both the app development, you can decide which one to choose for your business. These were some of the comparisons mentioned above.