iOS 14.2 beta 3 is also now rolling out to public beta users as well

iOS previously known as iPhone OS is an iOS application development company, built by Apple Inc., entirely for its hardware. Apple is a multinational company in America. It provides mobile application development services. The brand loyalty of apple is enormous.

It is considered as one of the Big Tech technology companies in parallel to Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft. Apple is one of the most valuable companies in the world. It is the largest tech company in the world.

The company sells various hardware products. It includes the iPhone smartphone, the iPad tablet computer, the Mac personal computer, the iPod portable media player, and many more.

The app store of Apple contains 2.1 million iOS applications. For iPads, only 1 million applications are there. The downloads of these apps are around 130 billion times.

The big and stable versions of iOS are released annually. On September 16, 2020, the apple has launched its major stable version iOS 14. Previously, what was supported by iOS 13 is also carried in iOS 14. iOS 14 has brought many changes including that the home screen should contain widgets, a compact UI for both Siri and phone calls, and the to change both default web browser and email apps.

Issues relating to the iOS operating system...

The operating system developed by iOS has also distinct types of bugs and issues of security have also been seen in its entire lifespan. Security bugs are range from the practice of jailbreaking to issues related to battery drain, bugs are also present in message application.

 iOS 14

The release of the iPhone 11 Pro/11 Pro Max is provided ineffective because the battery drained to zero. This issue has been fixed now. When the Apple iPad or iPod, iPhone is reset or turned off, it is to be done that changing the ruin app for memos, email, internet access or other apps should be set as a default Apple app every time. one more bug is that iPhone keyboard not come across while searching.

To fix these issues Apple opens up on the solution. Apple delivered a document which states about battery-related bugs in iOS 14. This document is released on 30 September 2020. This document tells that users can fix these problems, battery problems, and 6 other issues.

Apple claimed in this document that unpairing the device with synchronized Apple Watch and then deleting all data and settings and then restoring it can revive a good battery life. It can be a possible repair for this problem.

 ios14: tips, tricks, and features you need to know...

the latest iPhone Operating System of Apple is now available. In beta in June iOS14 can run on all those iPhones which are running on iOS 13. A lot of new stuff is available to learn which is new and present on iOS 14.

The App library. Most new features and important too on iOS14 is of the new APP library and home screen widgets. These are one of the big updates to the standard iPhone home screen in a long time.

Widgets. These are more important than the new app library feature. The iPhone is having all new widgets that can be on your home screen and access more and more data than ever before.

The new feature of the message. In iPhone 14 the blue bubble gets more influential. This is so because there are improvements like pinned conversations and inline replies with mentions and customizations.

Picture in picture feature. Apple early has added pictures in pictures or PIP feature iPad, but now this exciting feature is added to iPhone too.

New features of the map.

This feature will allow you to have the cycling directions, curated professionals, and special driving features for EV cars.

New features for AirPods. This feature you are going to love it more if you have Airpods. You will get the spatial audio with AirPods pro. Airpods will switch between apple and other devices automatically.

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Feature of Privacy. Apple, every year try to secure your data and personalize your stuff by launching a new ios version every year. All you have to do is not required to change any settings, but you should know how to approximate your location and limited access to your photos.

iOS releases 14.2 GM update alert...

Apple has now released iOS 14.2 GM to beta developers and public beta testers. This new iOS14.2 will bring the corrections to fix the bugs. “A new ios update is now available, please update from iOS 14 beta”. The update is now rolling out and can be found in settings applications. The release is giving a constant notification about a non-existent update that users are seen from the past 24 hours.

This time-release of beta is notable here. This is not the first time that bugs have occurred. A similar happened in 2018 when the iOS 12 beta period was there. New changes are like iOS 14.2 altered the lock screen controls with changed Airplay 3 controls in the control center. other new change in iOS14.2 is a brand new Shazam toggle that can be added to the control center.

New Shazam music recognition toggle can be added to the control center this can only be added if you are running the developer beta of iOS14.2. it can be added by following these simple ways. First, open the Settings app, choose “Control center”, then go to Shazam down the ‘more controls’ header. Now Shazam toggle can easily be added.

 iOS 14.2 adds new wallpapers as well. Other new changes in iOS14.2 include the below-listed improvements-

New emojis of food, expressions, homes objects, melodic instruments, gender-based emoji, around a total of 100 new emojis, and more.

New contrasting wallpapers, a total of eight in number are present.

People near you can be detected by making use of LiDAR sensor, because a magnifier detector is installed which is also included in iPhone 12 PRO and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Supporting the leather sleeve of the iPhone 12 with MagSafe.

Reduce the rate at which the battery spends by lessen the time Air Pods has spent son charging.

Notification of alert added when the audio phone level can badly impact your listening.

New AirPlay controls to flow fun, recreation or entertainment in your home entirely.

Intercom support homepod and homepod mini using iPhone, Ipad, Apple, Watch, AirPods, and CarPlay.

A new ability feature has been added to connect HomePod to Apple TV 4K for stereo, surround sound, and Dolby Atmos audio.

Options in telling the analytics related to disclosure notifications, without recognizing you to be a part of domains in health authorities.

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The new release has also fixed the following issues-

On the home screen, apps could be out of order.

On the launching, the camera viewfinder appears black.

On the lock screen, when entering the password the touches on the keyboard can be missed.

Reminders are reminding according to the setting done in the past.

The photo widget may not display content.

The widget of the weather is showing temperature in celsius when set to display in Fahrenheit.

Incorrectly display of precipitation when precipitation stops, in next hour precipitation.

Incoming Calls are disturbed by voice memos.

The screen becomes black when Netflix Video is playing in Back.

Through Siri, apple cash is either unable or fail to send or receive.

When the Apple Watch app is opened, it may get closed.

Proper synchronization of GPS or Health workout is interrupted for some users, between iPhone and Apple watch.

Audio is incorrectly labeled as not playing in the Carplay Dashboard.

Devices are not able to charge wirelessly.

Notifications are not coming when data is restoring through iPhone from iCloud Backup or transferring data through iPhone migration.

three new features that everyone wants to try...

Open settings> Accessibility>touch and then scroll down to find the Back Tap menu. This will direct your action of double-tap on to the back of the iPhone and then a triple tap. Through this tap you can open Control Centre, can take a screenshot, can return to the home screen, volume up or down, and even more. To make it at more ease or flexible, you can set them to one of your shortcuts.

Open settings>accessibility>audio/visual and then see for headphone accommodations at the top of the screen. Within that menu, you can make the sound brighter and nicer, also adjusting the strengths of the change. The changed audio settings can be applied to calls or entire media as well. In the Custom Audio Setup option, it plays a series of A/B test which provide you best adjustment I hearing.

Open settings> accessibility> sound recognition. After this tap on the sound menu to know which of the 12 sounds you want on your iPhone and want to listen is more meant for deaf users so that they can better aware of sounds, they should propagate in their environment, but if anyone is using headphones they will probably more appreciate this feature.


Apple has release the ios14.2 to its beta testers. Apple has made a set of whole new features in Ios14.With iphone app development services you get Map improvements, audio sound adjustments, improved messaging, memoji updates, camera improvements, default email and browse apps, keyboard working, increased privacy of users, apple’s own translate app, apple arcade, carplay, picture in picture improvements. These all new features have make the new version ios14 a major one. A new excitement is all prevailing in its all users. Apple is constantly upgrading its ios operating system each year. Apple users life is becoming at whole ease and trust and brand loyalty is something, which every customers is searching for.