IoT is Real, It’s Happening Now, and You Should be Taking It More Seriously!

IoT is Real, It’s Happening Now, and You Should be Taking It More Seriously!

Internet of Things (IoT) is a popular conversational topic these days, and not just among the technocrats. People from other walks of life too are expressing interest to learn more about this new technology implementation that has the potential to alter the way we live and work.

So, What IoT Really Is?

In simplest terms, IoT refers to the inter-connected network of physical objects with the Internet. IoT is about connecting devices with the Internet, and not just devices like smart phones and tablets, but objects like cars, machines, home appliances, etc. Basically, any natural or man-made object that can be allocated the unique identifier of an IP address and that can be equipped with the ability of data transmission over network can be the “thing” in Internet of Things. A heart-rate monitor in a heart patient, a car with sensors for emergencies, or a biochip transponder in an animal, these are all examples of IoT implementation.

The ultimate goal of IoT is to improve the quality of life by making it easier for us to interact with the common and uncommon physical objects around us. IoT has a lot of potential, and the opportunities to implement it in different sectors is immense, whether it’s in doing business or for medical health care purposes.

IoT creates an ecosystem of intelligent electronic devices, such that they no longer work alone, in fact they work in tandem with each other, thus complementing each other. IoT is more than just a group of Internet-connected devices, it also includes communication, data analysis and applications.

A Simple IoT Example For You

Let’s consider a small IoT example for your kitchen. Imagine if different physical objects of your kitchen worked together, leveraging apps, alerts and sensors, to let you know that your fridge has run out of grocery items, following which it connects you online with a shopping app where you can purchase the needed grocery items. The scope of IoT is actually much bigger than just your kitchen, it can expand to your community, city and even country, where different components remain connected and share information with each other for accomplishing a bigger objective.

Why Should You Care About IoT?

Who’s to gain the most in an IoT enabled economy? It’s you, the people! The opportunities afforded by IoT can help us make a change in the things around us. Whether your hope is for reducing waste, enabling remote access for gadgets and home appliances, or protecting environment, IoT can help with them all. Our decision-making will improve because we will have comprehensive data at our disposal to guide us. By taking better decisions at every turn, we can inch one step closer to the perfect world we all want to live in.

The Presence of IoT In The Real World

IoT is no longer a distant reality, it’s here and now in the present. For example, food supply chains are using IoT to improve transparency across their wide-ranging operations. In medical field, IoT is being used to learn, predict and alert against diseases, thus playing an important role in disease prevention. In agriculture, IoT has found its use in improving the irrigation patterns to enable better quality farming and water utilization. From being useful in areas ranging from water resources management to energy-saving, IoT is already in the play for making the world a better place than before.

IoT emphasizes on the efficient utilization, and even re-utilization, of the finite resources that we have. This way we can come out of the patterns of wasting our precious resources, and instead use them in a more productive way.

The Future Of IoT

The coming years look good for IoT. Its market value is expected to reach in trillions of dollars in the next 3 to 4 years. This means that businesses and organizations need to prepare themselves for this technology wave. They need to think about the possible scope of IoT implementation in the way they function. Maybe they can use it for streamlining their operational processes or for boosting the efficiency levels of their human resources. The takeaway point is that businesses should by now start considering what IoT could mean for them.

You need not worry about the cost aspects of embracing IoT for your business. With the costs of processing and networking coming down, IoT has become more economically accessible than before. Think about what’s the next revolutionary step for your business and how can IoT help you with the same.

CIS Is Ready For The IoT Wave

CIS is working shoulder to shoulder with the breakthrough developments in IoT field, developing apps and projects that are at par with the very essence of this eclectic and inspiring field. One of our interesting projects in IoT field involved the inter-connection of physical devices: a piano, a buzzer and LED bulbs. In this project, depending on the note selected on the piano, sound was made to be played on the buzzer, and according to the sound played on the buzzer, an LED bulb was made to light up.

A Python script was written to enable the playing of sound on buzzer and blinking of an LED bulb according to the buzzer sound generated. Raspberry pi device was used to connect buzzer and LED bulbs with breadboard. The system also had a functionality that enabled USB detection and blinking of LED bulbs according to the number of USB devices connected with USB hub.

CIS also has a rich expertise in building Android and iOS apps for IoT using different channels like WiFi, WiFi direct, Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth 2.0, iBeacon and NFC.

About Cyber Infrastructure (CIS)

A CMMI Level 3 and ISO 9001:2015 certified organization, Cyber Infrastructure, or CIS, is a highly renowned Information Technology company in Central India.

Dedicated to client success, CIS is at the forefront of working on path-breaking technology revolutions with its team of 650+ technology experts. CIS is recognized as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, SAP Partner, Magento Silver Solution Partner, Joomla Sponsor, and Drupal Association Member.