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Node.js in App Engine would be now supported by Google Cloud

Google App Engine can be used by programmers to make it simpler than ever to set up web apps with no hassle of handling a scaling or server infrastructure. Now, Google announced that App Engine is gaining approval for its popular Node.js JavaScript run-time.

Beginning now, now you can set up your Node.js 8 software into App Engine regular atmosphere. App Engine is a fully-managed program platform which allows you to deploy mobile and web software without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

For the first time, Node.js is a cross-platform designed for writing server code using JavaScript.

Among the primary targets for App Engine's Node.js service is creating the experience comfortable and comfortable for programmers. To try it, Google has chosen to put no limitations on the Node.js bundles that programmers can utilize.

[...] the newest Node.js runtime doesn't have any language or API limitations. It is possible to use your favorite Node.js modules, such as native ones, simply by announcing your npm dependencies on your package.json, and App Engine supports them from the cloud following deploying your program.

You may read the complete statement on the Google Cloud Platform site or take a look at the official quick start guide.