What’s The Future Of Augmented Reality (AR)?

What’s The Future Of Augmented Reality (AR)?

In 2018, augmented reality began to heating as Magic Leap released its much-anticipated headset, paving the way for other people support and to explore AR development.

AR continues to be a space, as more technology businesses continue building outside their very own technology -- including Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Magic Leap. The new year will be an important one for the hardware and software components of AR to glow. Here are some predictions for where AR will be seen by us as we move into 2019:

1. New AR capacities for multiplayer

With the launch of ARKit 2.0, we now have multiplayer performance in cellular AR, allowing multiple men and women undergo an AR scene together. We will see more interesting functionalities including the capacity of items to stay fixed in a specific location to AR. Perhaps even the digital 3D characters can interact with one another and/or with tangible objects in the area (like a pony jumping up and down on a sofa or 2 AR objects dance together).

2. Better & More AR integrations

We will observe a spike of AR in cellular, as consumers move to better smartphones. AR-enabled phones will continue to be the easiest entry point for consumers. Hardware will not become more accessible and cheaper, but quicker without side effects, such as the heating draining of the battery power and up. As far as phones were enabled by Android AR in 2018, was a jump from 100 million to 250 million as it pertains to Android ARCore devices. Apple saw 380 million iPhones by the end of last calendar year with all ARKit capacities. With both Apple and the Android devices seeing massive quantities of adoption AR usage will continue to grow increase in 2019.

3. AR Advertising Will Expand Its Market

We will start to see banner ads and AR objects on our apparatus which is going to be pretty persuasive for users this year. AR will start more approaches to people seeing and learning about the marketer's goods down to an item might look on their body or in their residence. 2019 could be the first year and starting point for brands and publishers to get into the act since AR supplies an original and more interactive approach to reach audiences.

When it comes to branded content and/or advertising of how our realities might be later on A very futuristic video can also be viewed here. Of course, trendy enough for users to use them and this particular form is going to need to wait until a glass stage is created.

4. The Camera May Become a Platform

We predict to be able to deliver a much better, more innovative way for consumers to get easier access to camera improving programs Google and Apple will build a platform around the out. Like iMessage and Gboard, programmers will have the ability to construct extension programs across the camera to improve and engage to bolster photographs and their videos.

5. Past 2019

We'll continue to see AR integrated cheaply in our own lives as AR advances past 2019. Once we move past the phase of AR, we will start to see the actual utility of AR and use cases in our own lives. On a more level, we will start to replace costly and large tangible items with ones. We will be able to access any object we would like, in moments on a scale for everybody to enhance their life.

By way of example, instead of decorating your living room dinner table having a huge bouquet of blossoms which don't last long and end up smelling awful since they rot in just a couple of days, you will purchase an AR fragrance in moments that may change colors every 3 minutes or completely alter the flower type to ensure every hour it appears like a brand-new bouquet.

A lot of people could opt to substitute their pet or to avoid all of the inconveniences that come with taking care of a pet, to get wilder. You have an AR furry friend with all the emotions and physical looks of a real pet, but with the feeding and cleanup responsibilities. Does this pet act and appear as though it were real, but it may be a much more extreme and unique pet such as pet dragon or a baby dinosaur that grows like any other creature from the animal kingdom. This AR pet can share feelings and smartly notice when you're sad or happy and can react. Wouldn't that be entertaining?

As large players joined in the game at the race to own the reality area overall, 2018 was a huge season for AR. As AR continues to attract investments, signals and industry growth of market invest, AR will keep growing in 2019 and beyond. Will change as soon as the environment it is now, to a wearable glass which has the abilities to enhance every inch of space which you can see is moved off from by AR. We are eager for the new developments in AR and can't wait for this new generation of improved surroundings and augmentation to affect our lives.