Which aspect of website development will play a vital role in 2021?

Website development services are growing at a larger rate day by day. In the year 2020 due to pandemic, many businesses were going through loss. In the year 2021, companies must overcome this loss to fight back. However, for the last few years website development has been playing a vital role in every industry. In the year 2021 also the expectations are the same. Web development is known to be an indispensable element that helps any business or enterprise to achieve success.

Web development trends 2021

The world of web development is changing on a regular basis. This is due to the advancement of technology and change in web development trends. In order to stay ahead of every competitor, it is always essential to adapt to new trends, technologies, updates. Some of the trends that will become very famous in the coming year 2021 are given below-

1) Single page apps

It is very irritating for any user if he or she is clicking something and that is letting the user open another web page that has been downloaded from a server. A lot of time is consumed and the users will also have a bad impact. This is the main reason why the SPA is becoming famous.

SPA is considered to be the latest trend in recent years that will help people in avoiding lengthy communication with the server. Better page performance is offered and a high level of data protection is also offered. A SPA is an app that plays a role by working inside a browser and there is no requirement for reloading of pages when it is being used. This type of application is being used by all users on a daily basis. Some common examples of SPA are Google Maps, Gmail, GitHub, or Facebook. The best web development company will always try to use the opportunity and use this technology to satisfy their client.

SPA is responsible for using the JavaScript framework and this framework is going to be very famous in the year 2021 and so SPA is expected to become famous. There is no additional time for waiting required in the case of these apps and so the users are able to receive instant feedback. Some of the major advantages of this Single-page applications are-

  • Bandwidth is saved
  • In the environment of native browser, great UI/UX is obtained
  • The main focus is on the APIs
  • The process of caching is very efficient
  • Chrome tools can help in an easy way of setting up as well as for debugging

2) PWA

PWA stands for Progressive Web App. These trends will be dominating in the year 2021. There are many modern developers as well as investors who are aiming at developing this technology as they know that they will be receiving a high-quality user experience. These PWAs are basically built with APIs and they are having the capability of delivering reliability, installability that will help to reach anywhere and that also to anyone on a certain device that will be having a single codebase. Because of all these features, it is having compatibility with cross-device. Some of the examples of this PWA are Uber, Forbes, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

PWA or progressive web apps helps in faster as well as loading instantly. Moreover, they will also allow the users in using the services when they are offline while they are engaged in performing the native app’s functions. Some of the major advantages of PWA are given below-

  • The bounce rates are reduced to a larger amount
  • It helps the user to work offline because it is not dependent on the connectivity
  • A smooth, as well as user-friendly user experience, is offered to the users
  • Makes the app capable, reliable, and installable.

3) Development of artificial intelligence

AI will be very important in the year 2021. Applying AI in the field of web development will help n predicting the choices of customers and many other things can also be done with the help of this AI technology. AI will help you in knowing-

  • The plans of the customer which they wish to buy
  • The time frame when a customer is planning or deciding to buy a product
  • Kind of products that will be alluring the customers to the most
  • Customers who are interested to buy the products
  • Products that are not preferred by any customers

The upcoming world will have a smarter approach than today’s world. Operating manually will become less and then all the operations will take place automatically. Anew domination is created because of AI technology.

4) Web Assembly

Performance is a very important factor and it can never be neglected a person or a developer is involved in developing a web app. There are certain limitations of JavaScript which slows down the calculations that are heavy. So the user experience is worsened to a significant amount. This can be considered to be one of the main reasons for which Web Assembly is rising and becoming popular. This helps the developer in compiling the code of programming language into bytecode that is actually running in a browser.

There is no less in a number of web development service providers but you must choose the best [ossible option for your purpose. This is basically an open standard that helps in defining a format of binary code that is portable for executable programs and a corresponding language of textual assembly. Moreover, interfaces are also there which helps in establishing interactions between the host environments and such programs.

Some of the advantages are given below-

  • Execution of code takes place at a faster rate
  • It is basically not dependent on hardware
  • A high level of security is provided
  • It is also not dependent on any platform or programming language

Basically, there are three things that will come with Web Assembly and are Cross-platform scripting, small footprint, and speed.

5) Voice Search and Navigation

Humans are becoming lazy with respect to time. Even people stopped shopping in the market and preferring online shopping. Smartphones are now getting developed that will be helping normal people to reduce the amount of work manually. People feel lazy to type things and then search for that thing. They are preferring voice search. Google Assistant and Siri are very famous as a part of the voice search engine. People now prefer giving commands instead of writing in text format.

It can be said that voice search and navigation will be a dominant feature in the year 2021. They will soon become a part of the daily routine of each and every people. They will not only help people to search for information but will also help people in performing certain kinds of commands like taking notes, opening apps, and many others.

Many famous brands like Google, Android, and Apple are implementing these kinds of technology in their UI and UX design process. According to reports of Google it can be said that around 27 percent of the population all around the world is seeking the help of Voice search optimization. A good delivering service is expected by seeking the help of this technology. The voice search will be following ceratin algorithms like-

  • The software of speech recognition will be converting the analog waves into digital ones.
  • The input of audio will be broken down into separate phonemes, sounds
  • The speech will get converted into computer commands or on-screen texts
  • The software will be converting each and everything to the words that are present in the dictionary.

Advantages of this technology are given below-

  • Allows interaction which is freehand
  • Execution of all the tasks will be done in high-speed format.
  • User experience is expected to be much greater
  • Convenience and intuitiveness
  • It will be very easy to use

With the advancement of technology, people will now spend a very less amount of time typing commands. So the use of voice search engines will increase. So the development of a web app will become very easy with the help of the implementation of this kind of functionality. Web development service providers will now get more time in creating innovative ideas in order to satisfy their client’s needs and make their business grow more.

6) Native apps will be dominating the market

There are many times when people face issues related to network connections for example if a person is working with the help of the internet but in the middle of the work he or she is facing the net issue then this can be very irritating. Here comes the role of the native applications. This technology will help the person to work in offline mode.

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The native mobile apps are simply those apps that are installed in your smartphones and are having the capability of getting operates by the user even when there is no internet connectivity. When compared to hybrid apps these apps will be delivering powerful performance along with a high-quality user experience. This is the main reason for which many business owners are investing their money in Native apps for Android and iOS. This will help the business owner to let their customer with a better user experience and so a number of customers will increase that will let them earn more profit for their business.

Advantages of Native apps are-

  • Functionalities are broad because of the usage of devices that are underlying
  • Fast responsive and better performance
  • Features of push notification are present UI is something great that will be matching with the operating system’s user experience
  • Quality assurance is guaranteed because of the ratings that are there in the app stores.

The popularity of smartphones is growing at a larger rate along with an increase in the dominance of Android and iOS operating systems that are there in the market and so the native apps will become very dominant in the upcoming days. Not only in the year 2021 but in the coming years also the native apps will dominate among the latest trends of technology.

7) Motion design UI

Motion design can be considered to be one of the main responsive web design services that will come in the list of trends for 2021. This technology will be including very minimum design with interactions that will be sophisticated in nature. Moreover, this will be having an engaging as well as an interactive look that will be attracting the attention of the users.

The name of the technology is the answer to its work. Motion design means the design of the movement. This will play a major role in animating the screen’s element after the product has been conceived. The process of being contemplated must be done on the design stage of UI/UX. Because of the motion design technology, many elements can be implemented and some of the elements are given below-

  • Charts
  • Pop-ups
  • Page header transitions
  • Scrolling
  • Pull-down menu

All these features will help in displaying a unique style along with entertaining the users, helping web apps to get high ranked in the search results, and improving behavioral factors. AMP is also there and motion design with the help of AMP can get implemented. This implementation can be done without hampering the speed of download. Advantages are given below-

  • Defining the structures as well as interactions
  • Navigation becomes very easy
  • Increases the length of sessions and so the bounce rates are reduced.
  • Slow load times are dissimulated

In order to provide better UI/UX for the pp of the user and also to increase engagement, upgrading with motion UI techniques are important.

  • Guiding users with the help of the app along with animations that will be demonstrating each of the steps
  • Reacting to the gesture of the users with animations that are catchy
  • Demonstrating the component of app’s relationship

8) Serverless architecture

This technology is to run as well as to build the services in an independent manner for managing infrastructure. All the management of servers is basically done by AWS. There is no need of maintaining servers, provisions, and scales for running the databases, storage systems, and applications.

Serverless architecture can be considered to be cloud-based systems that are event-driven where the development of application depends on the services of third-party, remote procedure calls hosted by clients and client-side logic.

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Without any doubt, it can be said serverless architecture is becoming very famous. Many production companies like Telenor, AOL, Reuters, and Netflix are using serverless technologies. Moreover, this will also help in reducing the overloading of the system, expensive development, and loss of data. Cloud computing can be considered to be another service that is able to replace the regular servers.

Advantages are given below-

  • Easy in case of deploying
  • Increasing the flexibility
  • Strengthening up the architecture
  • Scalability will become better
  • Development is reduced along with a reduction in the support budgets

9) Continuous integration and deployment

Speed and continuity are always playing an important role, especially in today’s modern world. This is required in every sector of business. So in the case of the web development world also the requirement is the same. Frequency in regular updates, bug fixes along improvements in UI/UX makes the service of the web accountable. Many modern applications are there which require code in different tools and platforms, the team always needs a mechanism for integrating and validating the charges. So it is very essential to have continuous deployment and integration. SaaS software developmentcompanies ca also provide these kinds of services Advantages of continuous integration and deployment are given below-

  • Changing of smaller code is very simple
  • Fault isolation is quicker and simpler
  • Fast feature introduction is there that helps in improving the product rapidly
  • MTTR or mean time to resolution is very much shorter due to small change in code and faster isolation of fault
  • Elapsed time is there for detecting and correcting product escaping is with a faster rate of release and is also shorter
  • There is an improvement in the testability because of the small changes. The smaller changes are having the capability of permitting more negative and positive results.

10) Cloud technology

Many custom software development companies are there who already use this technology. The business of different sizes uses this technology for the storage of data. Various government organizations are also using this technology. Some of the important cloud service providers used by all types of companies are given below-

  • AWS Lambda
  • IBM OpenWhisk
  • Azure Functions
  • Google Cloud Functions
  • Kubeless
  • Oracle Fn Project
  • Iron Functions
  • Alibaba Function Compute

Great flexibility, security, and scalability are offered by cloud technology for storing data and maintaining its security.


These are the aspects of website development that will be playing a vital role in the near future that is in the year 2021