Why AI Is Exciting For Women

As artificial intelligence is entering our lives, a great deal of concern is appearing about the potential white prejudice and patriarchy of their forthcoming AI world.

Research shows girls are considerably more doubtful of and reluctant to innovation compared to men who adopt and succeed in it. This anxiety of technological invention has to do with the simple fact that society often sees the part of girls as evidenced by AI, that can be observable in the prosperity of girls female and robots personal assistants, like Alexa and Cortana.

If we are coming to the stage when many jobs are robots and automated turn into regular reality in our own lives, we'd better be sure those calculations are advantageous to many people, make it an Afro-American lady or a Chinese guy.

As of now, 85 percent of this machine learning workforce is male. Therefore, acknowledging the potential for embedding programmers' integrity and values we might wind up in a more machine-dominated universe of "privileged class" values.

Following this logic may see ourselves in a universe in which autonomous vehicles and judicial processes are somewhat biased towards favoring a single sort of individual instead of another just due to the integrity it had been programmed with. We might awaken in the entire world of "Her," filled with sex dolls and enchanting feminine AI assistants, in which actual girls will soon be rendered insignificant as a result of automation of tasks and the loss of family values.

Well, that seems pretty frightening! However, is it actually where we're headed? Can AI need to be racist, sexist, and unfriendly for girls? Can technology be biased per se?

As stated by the World Economic Forum, girls are somewhat more inclined to be used in tasks that confront the maximum automation dangers. By way of instance, 73 percent of cashiers in stores are girls and 97 percent of cashiers are expected to lose their jobs. Additionally, data collections, picture recognition, and charge rating systems all have large blind spots that negatively impact women and minorities.

Statistics, but are greatly skewed towards instantaneous automation and limited data collections. Automation-wise, there is a way more high-value careers which are going to be impacted in the near - building workers, taxi and truck drivers to mention only a couple. As machine and analytics learning improvements and we exploit on the sphere of ever-expanding data that is big, we'll observe the world getting less prejudiced.

An overarching issue we need to take into account is not that projects will be automatic and which careers will probably be obsolete, but that jobs and abilities increase in value and requirement. And here the long time perspective seems as smart for girls rather than before.

Empathy, listening, multi-tasking, instinct, patience, and cooperation are qualities which will find more prominence as automation requires within the office.

We can assert that following three subsets of attributes will become essential in the system age:

  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Compassion

Both by nature and also from culture, girls are better positioned to benefit from automation. The inherent existence of compassion and cooperation skills makes girls absolutely positioned to browse the intricate post-industrial world. Let us break the 3Cs; test out this:


Cooperation and collaboration are inherent human attributes, which, in accordance with Yuval Harari, attracted us to the pinnacle of development. It isn't that our communication is much better or more complicated than the among whales or birds; but it had been a human culture that came up using all the terminology and hope system which enabled enormous quantities of individuals to collaborate, instead of some tribal structure from the animal kingdom.


While computers may create exceptional music and artwork bits through pattern recognition and affinity evaluation, we do not expect them to create emotional intelligence and enthusiasm anytime soon. And it's precisely the fire and fantasy which have been forcing the individual species to make masterpieces, develop with ground-breaking alternatives and make new ecosystems. When there are far more inventions and patents registered by guys, it's clarified by the history and culture instead of biology. As girls are far more managerial and academic positions they'll be receiving equal opportunities and paths for innovation. Obviously, technology will enable individuals to discover new methods of self-expression and ease the creative procedure.


As stated by the UK National Statistics statistics, girls now dominate labor in leisure and caring jobs; either of which needs the compassion and capacity to place yourself into another individual's shoes. An estimated 66 percent of caregivers at 2015 were feminine.

With the population aging, girls will grow more significant as healthcare givers, psychologists, and nurses. A US research from The Telegraph shows girls are far less likely to become health professionals than males, meaning they are more ordinary in and more likely towards compassion-involving careers. Caregiving may seem to be a somewhat sexist case, which, nonetheless, underpins a complete world of an empathy-involving project marketplace of teachers, therapists, teachers, social workers, health coaches, nurturing pros and several different functions we'll hesitate to devote to robotics any moment soon.

And while men are traditionally more aggressive and victory-oriented, girls are somewhat more inclined to search for mutual advantage and a calm resolution. Mothers' natural biological trends of self-presentation along with also the introduction of a protected environment will probably inspire them to take longer notable characters in politics and global relations. In reality, this isn't a proposal but a timely requirement since the risks of mutually assured destruction along with automatic guns occupy an increasingly prominent part in AI Ethics talks.

Career-wise, guys have a tendency to overestimate their skills and monopolize their job, while girls downplay their abilities and seek support from their own peers. While the initial strategy has been effective in the competitive market of rare skills, it's the capacity to get together and quickly acquire useful info that will specify the office from the knowledge markets of "online learning" and "team performance"

The XXI century has been bringing far too many struggles to restrict ourselves to just 50 percent of human resources that are available.

Mass extinction of species, including air pollution, and plastic proliferation, climate change and the development of antibiotic-resistant bacterium -- each of the issues we're facing need a collective effort of all of humankind, and much more than ever require our compassion, cooperation, and innovative alternatives.

And as gender stereotypes and brute power are all providing way to meritocracy and difficulty, both women and men might need to nurture actually human characteristics, our distinctive selling points within this technological race.