Why is asp.net and C# programming popular for businesses?

Why is asp.net and C# programming popular for businesses?

With the ongoing tough competition and the desire to produce innovative solutions for the businesses, the web development companies are inclined to use cutting-edge technologies to create the custom applications. In order to develop an application, you first have to know the nature of the business,and the next thing is the selection of the best technology platform to make your development a success.

What is .NET core?

Looking at the growing need in the technology market, Microsoft created the Dot net framework to create web applications and rich websites. It is a cross-platform which is fast, lightweight, modern, and open sourced for building web, windows and mobile application which can be deployed on Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems

What is C#?

C# is a Dot Net programming language which was developed in 2000 by Anders Hejlsberg to compete with the Java. The language has gained immense popularity since it was first launched with the support of the Microsoft. It is a language which is designed to develop the applications on the Microsoft platform, and it needs the .NET framework to work. Although.Net is capable of supporting many coding languages; the C# is the most popular one. C# is considered to be a hybrid of C and C++so as to create the modernized language. C# can be used in creating anything, but it is highly used for developing Windows desktop application and games.

Due to the following reasons dot net framework and C# programming are getting popular these days:

Easy to learn - C# is very similar to C, Java and Javascript so learning it is very easy for the person who has worked with the languages mentioned above. The syntax of C# is easy to read and understand. Any developer can switch from Java or C to C#. One can also use online sources to learn the C# language. Many online sources are free of cost and some charges very low amount. So anyone can learn the C# language easily. If you are new to programming, you can take Microsoft technology associate certification which will introduce you to the basic of software development and web as well as desktop application. Microsoft application development services can take good use of this language in developing web and mobile applications.

Versatility – The best thing about C# and .Net is that they are highly versatile. You can write web applications, desktop apps, mobile apps and even background services with the help of them. To make the best use of the investment that you made in learning the language, it’s crucial that you pick a language which can be used for a wide array of things. Another good thing of this is the great support from the Microsoft Azure that allows you to quickly deploy the apps in the cloud in just a few clicks. It also supports the Docker container which allows you to deploy your apps on AWS and other hosting providers.

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Excellent developer tools – Visual studio is considered one the best-integrated development environment (IDE) by the developers. It supports features like profiling, git integration, debugging, code completion, unit testing and much more.

You can also write the codes for .NET core in text files with a text editor. Visual Studio code can be used on any operating system as a basic code editor. There is a plug-in available for the visual studio which allows you to add all your favorite shortcut keys.

The entire .NET framework has excellent tools for the developers one of which is Resharper from Jet brains. Additionally, there are many other impressive tools which also include a mixture of open source and commercial products.

Base class libraries - .NET have a good set of base class libraries which reduces the need for external packages. JSON.NET is widely used by developers.

Microsoft has also provided with a good set of patterns for.NET. Take for example there are model view controller and standard data access built-in frameworks. These standard frameworks are used by most of the developers. This makes it easier for the developer to move between the teams. This makes your knowledge and skills more portable and useful.

Open source – Open sourcing of the code is one of the biggest changes that have ever happened to .NET. All the codes are now present on GitHub, so anyone can review and contribute.

As a developer, you need to, again and again, check if your codes are working fine. If you can access the code, you can easily complete your task. You can also benefit from the large community where you can easily discuss the problems and improvements on them. Now you don’t have to wait for years for the release of improvements and minor error and bug fixes.


The problem with most of the already existing programming language is that they are only good for one use case. For example,PHP is great for web applications, Swift is awesome for iOS and MacOS application, for the background service python and java are good. Other than C# there are only java and JavaScript which can be used for a wide set of use cases.

After learning C#, you don’t have to learn any other programming languages due to its wide versatility; it can be used for many types of applications. Now that .NET is working on MacOS and Linux, you can do anything with it.