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Why lawful use of big data should not be scaring India?

How EC Slowly and Somewhat Reluctantly Became Social

  • EC's first set of instructions on the use of social media was issued in October 2013, largely on the cost of applicants.
  • Since then, candidates needed to disclose their social networking accounts together with address, telephone numbers, and email IDs.
  • Candidates were also bound to variable in their cost on social media.
  • EC held a two-day-long consultation on interpersonal media in December 2015, the only person until today, resulting in the formula of its social media coverage.
  • Following the interview, the election watchdog consented to engage social media platforms in "steps and phases" with a transparent list of do's and don'ts.
  • EC decided to venture to social media through a lean period if there wasn't any election pressure.

It was recommended that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Blog, along with Vine might be utilized, in that order, to reach out to the electorate. (The order of preference was created on the basis of ease of accessibility of every one of them proliferation of data, number of users, etc.)